Makeup Breakdown: Oscar warpaint

Who gave great face, and who was just a disgrace? This red carpet was all-in-all a pretty disappointing night makeup wise. Seems like everyone dropped the ball on the details this year – silly shoes, a lackluster bag, lack of jewelry, and boring or just plain hideous makeup – it all ran rampant at the Oscars this year. Here we go, I’ll break down the best and worst makeup of the night:

The Good

Mila Kunis – Okay, so she is starting with a damn good canvas to paint on – but she gave just the right amount of drama, without distracting from her beautifully soft and elegant dress. The eye was slightly more subtle than we’ve seen on Kunis at the rest of the awards shows, while still giving us ultimate cat’s eyes fierceness. The false lashes were well placed and well blended. And more than anything I’m appreciating the softer brow color, the subtly flushed cheek, and the ever so slight pop of color on the lips.

Scarlett Johansson – I’ve seeing Miss Johansson landing on some of the “worst dressed” lists, but I must tell you that found her makeup to be effortlessly glamorous. Understated, but still interesting. The hair, I admit, could have used some help – but I applaud Scarlet for trying something new. A successful departure from her classic bombshell look. The yummy golden tones melded with her hazel eyes, bringing extra softness to her smoky eye, and helped to place extra emphasis on her flirty lashes. And take a gander at that FOUNDATION! Flawless! Youthful perfection! Well done my dear (or more like well done to your makeup artist)!

Jennifer Lawrence – This up and coming starlet really wowed on the red carpet. She really cranked up her sex-appeal with this sultry makeup. It was a smart move for her to head in the direction of full-on glamor, a big switch from her on screen look in Winter’s Bone. But bravo Jennifer for walking that line, and staying within the realm of taste and not following the temptation to go dark on the eyes. The sumptuous warm brown tones she used, were a fabulous match to her candy apple red gown. Black would have been too harsh – and would have turned her into a playboy bunny.

The Bad

Gwyneth Paltrow – Oi vey! Where do I start?! The foundation work was ghastly. There was serious pigmentation issues around her temples that was completely neglected. The shadow placement, paired with her sloping weak brows just made her look sad and tired. Gwyneth honestly looks to me like she did her own makeup, and maybe in the car on the way to the show. Poor thing.

Marisa Tomei – Ohhhh GIRL! You had a rough night didn’t you?! The dress??! The HAIR?!?! And the completely lack luster makeup to top things off. There was nothing flattering about her cosmetics application here. The main thing I was focused on was her crows-feet … and that’s NOT me being an agist. I thought Helen Mirren looked fabulous! It’s just that Marisa did nothing to soften the lines, or place emphasis on other (more positive) elements of her face.

The Ugly

Sharon Stone – Holy s%*&! Put down the makeup brush Sharon, and slowly back away. My dear, you are a beautiful woman … but we can’t hardly see it under that caked on TACKY makeup!! Dark eyes, dark lips, big hair and a flouncy dress. I’m a bit overloaded here! And if those sins weren’t enough, the application is just sloppy. Look at the space between the outer corner and the brow … smudged and dull. Sharon’s overall complexion looks gray and washed out. You can do better Miss Stone – I KNOW you can.

  1. I whole heartedly agree with you about Gwyneth. She looks like she’s got the flu or something. And yes, Scarlett’s face looks great but the hair is so distracting. It makes her look like she’s going through a grunge phase!

  2. Nice write-up Katelyn. I wasn’t expecting Sharon to be so shockingly scary looking. I can almost see blue killer laser rays coming out of those eyes of hers. Who is she trying to kill with those?

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