So… Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and I’m certainly glad Hallmark established this holiday because, personally, I think all the single people in this world need another reminder that they are unworthy of love or companionship- unless cartons of ice cream and tears count- in which case, some of these people have many lovers this time of year, both chocolate and vanilla and all things exotic.

I kid. I kid. I think it is a pretty well established fact by this point that the holiday is stupid, in part because it makes single people feel bad about themselves, while generally making men look bad. My take on Valentine’s Day has always been that it is basically a non-event unless your boyfriend/husband/singificant other is an a-hole and then it’s his one day of the year to shine… And here “shine” basically means scale his video game habit back from four hours to three, accompany you (but not necessarily pay) for a dinner at The Olive Garden and watch less internet porn. And who wouldn’t want a special little holiday to commemorate a day of accomplishments like that?

Truth be told, over the past five years, I’ve spent the holiday with both the a-hole boyfriend and the angel, but I never really think about either of them when February 14 rolls around. What I think about, instead, is the handful of Valentine’s Days through my youth that my father would end his day of work, stop at the florist on the way home, get both my mother and I individual bouquets of roses (with cards) and then quietly leave them on the kitchen counter before retiring upstairs to change clothes before dinner.

This small, unexpected gesture from my father always put the biggest smile on my face and the memory still does. That is to say, Valentine’s Day is totally stupid, but love is not and in the spirit of love, you should reach out to someone that means something to you February 14 and give them a reason to celebrate.