Fashion Fridays – The BHLDN Bride

I’m probably the worst bride ever. I’ve gotten excited about certain things like locations, venues, and dresses just to talk myself out of them numerous times.  Basically, I’ve vacillated for months. 24 to be exact. I was never one of those people planning my wedding since the day I could walk, but I’ve still romanticized the fantasy of the “big day”.

So after much wavering, I think I might be on the wedding wagon. In large part due to discovering a new bridal collection from the fashionable geniuses behind Urban Outfitters, Anthropologie and Free People. Called BHLDN, meaning “to keep” in Dutch, this is a complete contradiction to the mainstream, mass wedding crap that’s been stuffed down our throats. This is a collection for a fashionable, nontraditional bride with hipster tendencies. The pieces – which range from gowns, dresses, shoes, jewelry, headpieces and bags – are romantic, whimsical, modern with vintage vibes and sexy, yet understated.

The hierloom quality of the collection brings a certain charm to planning; something often lost when trying to fit into a perfect bride box. I think this new kind of bride brings a whole new level of enchantment to the fairytale.

Prices range from about $95 (jewelry) to $4,000 (gowns).

Available online at

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