It’s the morning after Valentine’s Day. Roses are beautifully displayed on the counter. There are some leftover chocolates and port; and hopefully, some articles of clothing recklessly strewn about after an evening of love.

Continue the passion with a breakfast of culinary aphrodisiacs. Some foods are simply erotic by nature, and white asparagus is a perfect example. I can’t help it. I find the pale perps to be quite X-rated! Every time I go to the store and see them… I blush.

White asparagus are deprived of light and grow completely covered by soil. They’re nicknamed the ‘king of darkness’. This underground symbol of love is an obvious choice to celebrate 303’s February Sex issue.

At brunch last Sunday, my companion happened to ask me how to make the perfect omelette (his always turn into scrambled eggs). Omelettes, white asparagus and the Sex Issue? I was inspired. A little extra research at home on more culinary aphrodisiacs resulted in my Truffled Omelette with White Asparagus and Arugula.

This culinary ménage à trois of Italian black truffle, white asparagus, and egg presents a lusty breakfast that stimulates all of your senses. (Arugula is apparently an aphrodisiac too, but ménage à quatre simply didn’t sound right.) The suggestive shape of the white asparagus, the musky scent of the truffle, and the creamy egg lead to a sensual culinary experience. While a fork is necessary for the omelette, the asparagus is better enjoyed by hand. Hand-feed your lover this ‘king of darkness’ for breakfast. for more recipes.

Truffled Omelette with White Asparagus And Arugula

Makes 2 omelettes

6-10 white asparagus
1 cup fresh arugula
White truffle oil
Truffle salt (Dean & DeLuca)
6 eggs
2 tablespoons cream
Black summer truffle (Whole Foods)
Grapeseed oil

• Trim the asparagus to 7” in length. Blanch in boiling salted water for 3-4 minutes or until al dente.
• Meanwhile, toss the arugula with truffle oil and sprinkle with a little truffle set. Arrange on two serving plates.
• Combine the eggs, cream and ½ teaspoon truffle salt and whisk to blend. Preheat an 8” cast iron skillet over high heat. Drizzle with enough grapeseed oil to coat the bottom. As the oil begins to shimmer and before it smokes, pour in half the egg mixture. The egg will cook quickly and will create a natural crust along the sides and bottom off the skillet. Whisk with a fork to build fluff and drag the egg mixture to the center of the skillet. As you drag, tilt the pan, and let uncooked egg fill exposed areas of the skillet. It helps to shake the skillet to keep the omelette from sticking. Continue this process until most of the egg is cooked. You can lower the heat to allow the egg to set.
• Top the omelette with half the cheese and half the asparagus.
• Tilt the pan over your plate and let it slide out. Halfway out of the pan, fold the remaining half over to enrobe the asparagus.
• Drizzle the top of the omelette with truffle oil and sprinkle with truffle salt. Finish with two-three thin slices of summer truffle.
• Repeat for the second omelette.

Chef’s Tip: The trick to making a perfect omelette is the use of a cast iron skillet that is very hot prior to adding the egg. The high heat helps sear the egg quickly creating a light crust that will naturally release itself from the pan. Truffles can be found in specialty grocery stores either fresh in the produce section or in jars in the deli department.