Ferris Bueller's Naughty Nurse

The naughty nurse who mistakenly consoles Ferris Bueller’s sister—instead of Bueller himself—is easily the most well known singing telegram messenger portrayal in modern cinema. Even though my sister and I watched the John Hughes movie a dozen times growing up, I still didn’t realize delivering singing telegrams was a bona fide occupation until a decade or more later (when my then belly dancer girlfriend delivered “belly grams”). Maybe it’s because Bueller’s nurse speak-sings? Either way, many people are in the same boat. I often encounter individuals who don’t realize singing telegrams exist in real life—only in the movies—until I inform them (and/or demonstrate) otherwise. Some simply think they’re a thing of the past, that they disappeared decades ago. Not so. I’m living proof that they’re alive and well. Of course, it’s a niche industry, which is why some people never get a single singing telegram in their entire life. Still, I’ve delivered well over a thousand in my nearly seven year career thus far. I was even featured in a 9 News segment once–wearing a diaper and wings.

Ferris Bueller’s might be one of the most famous “grambushes”, but here’s a few others you may or may not have seen before.