I grew up in a household with a yogi mom who used beetroot to stain her lips in place of lipstick, and a tough dad who used gasoline as soap. Needless to say, I can see the extremes of both sides and that moderation is key, but I like to be aware of what we are doing to our bodies and what alternatives are out there, such as Jane Iredale’s makeup. Here are just a few culprits found in many of our prized makeup kits. And to match our horror theme, here’s an editorial from Vogue Italia by photographer Paolo Roversi and model Lara Stone.
1.  Butylated Hydroxytoluene (BHT).
What it’s in: Foundation / Eyeshadow / Lipstick
What it does: It’s a Preservative.
Why it sucks: Has been known to cause cancer / Toxic to the respiratory and nervous and immune systems.
2.  Triethanolamine (TEA)
What it’s in: Foundation / mascara / Moisturizer.
What it does: It’s a pH adjuster, fragrance and detergent.
Why it sucks: combining this with nitrates creates nitrosamines linked to Cancer / Immune system problems / Skin allergies and sensitivity.

3.  Parabens
What it’s in: Only second on the makeup ingredient list, to water… so pretty much everything!
What it does: It’s a preservative.
Why it sucks: Loosely linked to Cancer / Skin irritant / Neurotoxin.
4.  Phthalates
What it’s in: Nail polish / hair gel.
What it does: Provides staying power.
Why it sucks: Organ damage such as Kidney and Liver / Lung problems / Toxic to the respiratory and nervous and immune systems.
5.  PVP/VA Copolymer
What it’s in: Bronzers / eye makeup / Hair products.
What it does: Used in hairspray as an anti-static and binder.
Why it sucks: Can cause thesaurosis / harmful if inhaled (reiterate; it’s in HAIRSPRAY!)