Bassnectar @ 1st Bass

Seven years ago, Bassnectar played for 70 or so people at Larimer Square’s tiny Mexican cantina Lime. It just so happened to be his first gig under that moniker. Last night—seven years later—he played for 7,000 plus at Broomfield’s 1st Bank Center—appropriately re-dubbed “1st Bass Center” for the occasion. It was his first self-curated arena show. And it was “Bassnectarded”.

Low end highlights:

That 1 Guy’s “magic pipe”

–Hearing a cop admit he was staring at the zebra stilt walker’s ass

–Witnessing a man with a white beard rock the mic

–Witnessing his DJ–Snuggles–beatbox Black Sabbath in a panda hat

–The “AmBASSadors”, basically glorified greeters–but sweeter:)

–Tour/event staff’s organization and professionalism

–Bassnectar’s transition from the sublime, vocoder-facilitated harmonies of Imogen Heap to a monster truck re-rub of Metallica

–Getting paid to “get high”

Last night’s butterfly stilt walkers reminded me of the origin of ‘Nectar’s handle: a bumper sticker authored by his buddy DJ Brother that read “Butterfly beings drink Bass Nectar”.