Denver artist Max Kauffman, will be showing new art work at Pawn Works in Chicago on Friday. If I had to describe Max in two words it would be prolific and meticulous, he is constantly cranking out new works and always pushing his ability, skill and technique. Aside from that, Max is truly genuine and overall just a really good person, which is exactly what the art world needs as it tends to be over-saturated with hype, ego and falseness.

I sat down with Max for a few minutes to learn about his upcoming show “R’fuah” and about life in general:

Who is Max Kauffman?
I’m just a dude who used to live in the middle but now calls the D home. I enjoy music, debauchery, paints, and sometimes a beverage.

Tell me about your upcoming  Chicago show, R’fuah?

R’fuah is hebrew for renewal of spirit. The idea of the show is a more positive approach to life, work, and what it takes to get you there. It deals with the power we gather and attach to objects, relics, and other inanimate objects, and how that keeps us going.

Here are the details:

R’fuah – new works by Max Kauffman
presented by Pawn Works
1050 N Damen Ave Chicago, IL
Opening reception Friday Sept 10th 6-10 pm

What are your thoughts on the Denver Art Scene?
Its getting there……..
No, I have always been blown away by the artists of our fair town. The scene comes and goes in waves, but its mega inspiring to see people I love and respect get their work out (to Denver and beyond) and that people support each other so well. Its great. I feel like things are just getting exponentially better….

You seem to be fairly established in Denver now, how has your work changed since you got here?
My move to Colorado (almost 4 years now) has definitely helped with what I create. My paintings have simultaneously become more organic and tighter. I don’t stress too much about what a sketch looks like vs the end result anymore- more happy accidents occur now.

Who inspires you?
Chris ‘the vest’ Huth, Brian ‘gameface’ Robertson, Jeff Soto, Robert Hardgrave, Chris Ryniak, Justin Lovato, and many more on any given day.

What inspires you outside of the art world:
People, talks, banter, scootboarding, walks, favellas, history, science, MUSIC.


What advice do you have for a young buck that wants get his/her paint brush wet in this business.
Put the effort in. RESEARCH. Don’t do what you see everyone else doing. Forget stencils. Make something that people get an emotional response from. Don’t wait for galleries to find you.

Denver is a tough market to make a living as an artist…what do you do besides art to make ends meet?
I do sales and development for things in the botanical world.

What’s Next for Mr. Max?
More installs, more illustration, returning to ceramics, possibly lurking at Basel, solo in Tuscon next year, comicon, twofer at Illiterate in June. I took a big break this year, but its time to put the gameface back on.

When are we going skating?
I went to Wilson yesterday! But, soon. I say Oxford/Federal again.

Deal. Thanks Max.

More of Max’s work from “R’fuah” can be viewed here.