What do Audrey Hepburn, Brigitte Bardot, Twiggy, and our favorite furry forest creature all have in common: Bambi eyes. This striking statement piece is a look of wide-eyed innocents, but with a healthy dose of sex appeal. It’s definitely retro inspired, harking back to the sex kitten look of the 1960’s. This shoot for Guess, by the fabulous Ellen von Unwerth, shows just how to be a hep-cat instead of a timid mouse.


First up, this look needs some big lashes! Falsies are a must for this one. A good lash to try is Andrea ModLash #26.

Next, apply black liner around the entire perimeter of the eye, or in some cases stopping just shy of the bottom inside corner for those with less widely set eyes. This is a bold sharply lined look, so either liquid liner (with a steady hand) or a firm pencil (unsmudged) would work. Check out last week’s blog to find the liner right for you. But please ladies – make sure you taper out towards the edges – there’s nothing worse than an eye that looks like it’s been outlined with a sharpie! That’s where the line between fashion and “trash-on” goes blurred. Thin that line as you work towards the tear duct. That application technique will also help to emphasize the “cat-eye” shape.

Now we need to emphasize the size of the eye. Use white liner in the inside “water line” to help make the eyes look bigger. Flesh toned liner in the water line (like Paula Dorf’s “Baby Eyes”) helps you look more wide awake, but white will help to bring this even a step further – especially paired next to the bold black liner. Replacing the white with BLACK in the inside rim makes for a very sexy, smoldering” eye, but will tend to close in the overall size of the eye.

Go light on the lips. You could even just throw on some chap-stick or light gloss and “call it a day” – or if you want to get fancy – choose a flesh-toned shade and go ultra matte for a fun Edie Sedgwick look.

And that’s it! Now go out and rock those doe eyes!