On the heels of last night’s sinful and successful Gentlemen Issue Release Party at the Diamond Cabaret, today we’re covering a few ways to imbibe without regret…because, let’s face it, we 303 readers love a good cocktail. Going into a weekend I know I’ll be kicking back and throwing back a few, so why not mix up some tasty libations with fewer caloric implications. While alcohol certainly doesn’t make you lose weight, with just a few substitutions it’s simple to ensure those moments on your lips won’t end up on your hips. Here are a few easy, delicious favorites:

Blueberry Press

Blueberry “Press”: I drank a high class version of this (or a bazillion rather) every day on my recent honeymoon. Extra health points if you actually add real blueberries to yours. Lazy drinkers mix these ingredients:

1jigger Stoli Blueberi (or more if you’re feeling naughty)

2/3 parts(tall glass preferred) club soda

1/3 part Sprite


Grey Goose Pear “Codder”: This is my go-to “healthy” cocktail, my standard order if I’m drinking vodka, which is usually always.

1.5oz jigger Grey GooseLa Poire

2/3 club soda

small splash of cranberry juice (emphasis on small because, unless you’re trying to clean out the old urinary tract, cranberry juice is chock full of sugar)

lime wedge

Mojito: Let’s get off vodka for a moment and turn to one of the most underrated drinks, the mojito. The traditional recipe calls for simple syrup, more sugar, so a couple substitutions here make it just over 100 calories.

1jigger Bacardi (or any other brand) rum

Sprite Zero OR club soda

a handful of fresh mint leaves (the muddling I suppose is not so simple)

2 tablespoons stevia sweetener (any brand works, I prefer Truvia)

lime to taste




SkinnyGirl Margarita: Ok, ok, this is not my own personal concoction, it’s Bethenny Frankel’s of Real Housewives of NYC and SkinnyGirl brand fame. I have a bit of a girl crush on this new mom and media maven and have much respect for her creation of the delicious and trademarked SkinnyGirl Margarita. For quite some time I was trying to make the delicious margarita less caloric and lo and behold, this housewife perfected the mix, so I give her the credit.

Consider this one a drink suggestion: head on out to your local package store to pick up a bottle of this sweet nectar, as attempts to recreate Bethenny’s recipe will undoubtedly fail.

Last but certainly not least, let’s get a bit more masculine with our booze here and go for a classic, the poison I typically pick at the tail end of a night out:


Jack and Coke: One substitution will save you triple digit calories and spoonfuls of sugar, folks. Wait for it…Diet Coke.

1jigger Jack Daniels

fill glass with Diet Coke

my personal touch: LOTS and lots of fresh squeezed lime

There you have it…several cocktail choices that will spare you lots o’ calories and are easy to perfect at home and to order at a crowded watering hole, dive bars and nightclubs alike. Just don’t slam nine of ’em and end up at Taco Bell on the way home, ladies and gentlemen, because all your calorie saving efforts will be negated with one bite of that Chalupa.