So apparently Jersey’s Shore’s Mike Sorrentino, more affectionately known as “The Situation,” will be debuting his workout video before the end of the year. A fitness buff myself, I am mildly embarrassed to admit that this has piqued my interest. I mean, with abs like those, no athlete or sloth alike can deny the man looks good…well, at least from the neck down…when not speaking.  It should come as no surprise that yet another reality “star”  is looking to capitalize on his fifteen minutes in any way possible. Look at Kim Kardashian : while her bum could be used as a serving tray, she’s telling us how to fit in our jeans by Friday. Kendra Wilkinson , of “The Girls Next Door” fame, came out with her fitness DVD less than a year after giving birth to her son.

While “The Situation” in general should not be taken seriously, his abs are no joke and, in my opinion, gives him at least some credit in the health and fitness arena. He’s been jabbering about his six pack all over the media, but it’s to be determined if he has the brains to back up those rippling tummy muscles. I plan to purchase this DVD when it comes out and follow up on whether or not regular people like myself will be able to create my own “situation.” Let’s just hope the workout can be completed without audio. Until then…

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