….phew!  I just got beamed down in the nick of time! I was taking an intergalactic all-inclusive cruise through the Milky Way… Thank goodness I had my VISA! I had customs in Arizona and didn’t know if they would send me back!!!  I have a Blog to write, honey!  Let’s get down to business… Today I’m going to pass along some beauty secrets to help you look your best!

First things first.. COVER GIRL doesn’t Cover boy, and using the right brushes can make Maybelline look like M.A.C..  Having the right tools is key in creating professional makeup looks.  Hands can be a great tool, but Leonardo da Vinci didn’t put on Mona Lisa’s face with a sponge applicator and his fingers.

I know it can be a little intimidating staring at the wall of brushes at the store…I have been there myself!  Start with one brush.  Once you start to get the hang of that brush, then you can move into another.  I use a brush to apply my foundation and one for my powder (loose or pressed).  I use around 3 brushes for my eyes, and 2 for my blush and contour.  I then use a brush for my lips.  There are some occasions that call for stronger makeup, and some where my natural exotic beauty applies.  My brushes allow me to control how much and pin point where I want it.   Some brushes are made of natural fibers. I find it important for me to use hairs that are naturally shed from little critters rather then harming our little furry friends.  M.A.C. cosmetics prides them selves on no animal testing and humane ways of getting the hairs.  Other brushes are synthetic.  Each serve a different purpose and give a different effect. Natural brushes are best for applying powder products, while synthetic brushes are best for applying creamy products.  Notice I said best…that doesn’t mean you can’t use a different brush.  A great first brush is a foundation brush.  These brushes are usually wide and flat.  They really help to spread the makeup on evenly and get you used to using a brush. Practice your pressure.  What happens if I press lightly? What happens if I use firm pressure?

MAC 188 brush

My favorite brush to use for foundation is the M.A.C. 188 Small Duo Fibre Face Brush.  It’s a duo fiber brush made from a soft blend of goat hair and synthetic fibers.  This brush, I find, buffs the foundation (cream or powder) into the skin.  I love how it pushes the makeup into the skin giving you a perfect blend.  This brush retails for around $34.00 dollars.  It’s worth the cost!!!

I’ll give you a hint. Here are three other brushes that i find are must haves.  First is a flat small sabel brush, an angle brush, and a crease blending brush.  The flat sable 252 brush from MAC is great for putting eye shadow on the eyelid and brow bone.  This hairs on this brush will grab a lot of powdered eyeshadow.  This gives you more control when putting on your eye base color.  Press firmly if you want more color, lightly if you want less.  The second brush I LOVE is an angle brush.  This brush is small, thin, and the hairs are cut into a 45 degree angle. Why I love the MAC 263 angle brush is because of its versatility.  You can use it to fill in your brows as well as draw on your eyeliner.  It’s two uses in one brush!!  Last, but not least is the crease brush.  This brush is a fluffy brush that usually has a fatter base and it tapers into a point at the tip.  The MAC 224 brush is great in the crease of the eye to create a sultry shadow that helps define the shape of the eye.  I urge you to overcome your fear and ask for help at your nearest cosmetic counter. I know they look intimidating, but they are there to help you!!!!  I may look intimidating (Most men say i can be…tisk), but see how helpful I am!!!!!!!   Ladies and er uh, gentlemen have fun experiment. You know if it doesn’t look good, you can always wash it off.  until next time….. signing off from the Sugar Twist Galaxy.  I bid you all adeiu!

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