Life is like a washing machine. It spins along its merry, methodical way and often things come out nice and clean in the end. But sometimes, the load is too heavy and falls lopsided, creating some pretty agonized sounds–a prelude to blowing up. The elderly Asian man at my local Laundromat used to run over and scream one word over and over again (near hysteria) when this happened: “Imbalance! Imbalance!”

Yes. Too often life gets unbalanced. And then we become headstrong bulls racing around in tight little circles in our own personal China shop–smashing things up. Quite inadvertently, of course.

Enough similes? Fine. Just find your balance. I don’t care if you aren’t coordinated enough to walk a tight rope, or carry five books on your head across the room like your dear mom did in her day.

My curse is often all work and no play. So tonight, I’m not at work, I’m not waiting on a lady–I’m just waiting on a friend. Well, she is female but she is just a friend. And that’s just what I needed. (My girlfriend understands).

Laugh your ass off, watch shapes form in the clouds as you recline on your back in a meadow (we don’t have those in the city, but I recommend Cheesman Park). Reminisce about your past–both the wonderful things you’ve done and the embarrassing, stupid mistakes. But try to laugh. It’s all the means to an end. Just sit n spin and shift the imbalance back to center. And remember, no matter what you do–just have fun. It’s the difference between eyes wide open and eyes wide shut.