This week’s Fashion Friday is all about online shopping. I do a lot of window browsing shopping to get ideas and do research. Once and awhile I make purchases. Here are some of my favorite fashion sites that aren’t so mainstream.

I adore British style and so naturally I look to British-based websites for inspiration. Many fashion-savvy people know about, but their more discounted website,, is even more of a treasure-chest and a little more under the radar. Also on my list of must-shop stops are and, which offer amazingly unique items at reasonable prices. British retailer Topshop is also a staple when I’m searching for fun fashion finds. They have a bricks and mortar store in New York, but the e-commerce site has all the trendy pieces too. Finally on my British list is Kurt Geiger, which has some of the best shoes around. They don’t ship to the U.S., but it’s a perfect portal for window shopping.

When I’m on the hunt for wardrobe ideas and great image boards, I go to It’s truly inspiring. Along the same lines is You just put in what your looking for, say black boots, and a biziillion options come up that link you directly to the source.

Onnline Sample Sale sites are a great way to score designer duds at low prices. These are my 3 favorites:

So sit back, relax and shop away!