Pot is hot. Especially right here in The Mile High. Captain Obvious strikes again. But if you thought pot was hot before, wait’ll you get a load of weed-themed striptease. Reefer Mania, the self-described “Vaudevillesque Pot Opera” now playing at Five Points’ Crossroads Theatre, takes pot’s hotness to another level. Reefer Madness: The Movie Musical, a “highlarious” adaptation of classic anti-marijuana propaganda flick Tell Your Children (later renamed Reefer Madness), is its obvious touchstone, but similarly-titled Reefer Mania manages to milk plenty of laughs with a fraction of the budget thanks to budding burlesque star Cora Vette–as Mary Jane personified–and her “pot hotties”. Feast your (bloodshot?) eyes on assorted dancing munchies (including brownies), roasted roaches and even a DEA puppet, set to the tune of antique “tea” party staples such as Cab Calloway’s “Minnie The Moocher” and Buck Washington’s “Save The Roach For Me”. Arvada Center Music Director David Nehls might even plunk out an allusion to one-time Weeds theme “Little Boxes.” The man apparently knows his stoner tones.

Just don’t tell your children–unless they’re at least sixteen.

All rights reserved. All puns intended.