For this week’s Makeup Breakdown I am going to be talking you all through the 1960’s inspired makeup look from the July VOGUE fashion feature by Peter Lindbergh.  Ewan McGregor & Natalia Vodianova completely capture the turbulent feel of the early 60’s – just as the first hint of the Women’s Liberation Movement began to stir.  The female form was being celebrated, and with that all feminine features exaggerated. This makeup look mirrors those sentiments entirely: big lashes, bold lips, and booming brows!

Face: Foundation in the late 50’s and early 60’s was all about full coverage, and matte to the max.  To replicate this look, try using a heavily pigmented liquid foundation (like MAC’s face & body) and to finish this ultra matte look, set it with a powdered foundation (like MAC’s Studio Fix Pastels).

Eyes: Natalia is rocking the classic early 60’s eye, similar to these early sixties VOGUE covers (see below).  It’s all about lash and liner.  A heavy black liquid liner hugging the top lash line (I love Kat Von D’s tattoo liner) tapering off at the end into an upward “lash like” flare, and softer brown shade swept across the bottom to beef up those bottom lashes too.  Then load on the mascara!  I’m talking three or four coats ladies!  But be sure to comb through the lashes while the mascara is still wet to avoid clumping.  I adore Lancome Definicils.  I’ve had multiple people ask me if I’ve gotten lash extensions when I’m wearing this little jewel!  And if you really want to power pack this look, finish it off with a pair of full-strip false lashes (like Japonesque Basic Black lashes)

Brows: This is not a subtle brow look.  So, don’t be shy with that brow powder!  The sixties brow look was anything but natural looking.  They would create a highly arched, thick, tapered brow and solidly fill that puppy in!  Try the Paula Dorf Brow Stencil kit for fool proof arches.

Lips: Again following our matte trend, the lips are precisely defined with a lip liner and filled in with a matte lipstick in a brick-red tone. Try Shanghai Express by NARS.

Cheeks: A pop of pink on the apples of your cheeks is all you need to finish off this fabulous retro face.  But be careful to find a blush that is absent of all shimmer and sparkle – we want to carry this matte factor throughout.  Try Lancome Subtil Sheer Blush in Amourose.

And there you have it!  Now all we have to do is find a Ewan-like piece of arm candy!

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  1. Dee Muskett

    Knock them out girl – great inspiration for a “cool” summer look – I always go for glitz and glam but am going to try matte for a change and see if I can add the sparkle from within. Just loving the high brow and deep red lips. Will try loading the lashes – stand downwind while I wink my way to some candy kisses!


  2. Martina Sukupova

    Would the eye liner be hugging the lashes as going around the eye or will it lifts at the end and extends? Which era is the ‘cats eye’?
    Thanks honey xxx

  3. Katelyn Simkins

    Cat eye is a very 60’s thing too … more mid-late sixties I believe. But the look above would definitely be a fared out tapered end (think imitating the bend of one thick eyelash). 🙂


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