Life is better than ever. And I am very happily dating a woman who has three beautiful kids. But the problem with our small lesbian community is that everybody thinks they know you well, simply because you’ve regularly showed up at parties or events over the years to drink a cosmo and socialize. And as a result of my recent alliance with Juliet, a couple of catty bitches have come forward in protest. Every time you date a new lady in our community, there are always some who act like they’re at your wedding (and they’re always the ones I’d never invite) and the preacher has just popped the question: “If anyone feels this couple should not be united in Holy Matrimony, speak now or forever hold your peace.”

So a couple of them have spoken out that I’m not a good match for Juliet because I’m not good with kids. Hmmm, maybe that’s because they’ve never seen me with kids since the only place I run into these bitches is the occasional outing at the bar. The fact of the matter is I happen to like kids a lot. And they always like me back (and you can’t fool kids–they know if you’re really into them or not). Once again, I find myself asking this question in this blog: Why does one couple’s bliss attract hostility?

So this blog is dedicated to those of you who have experienced haters in the midst of your happiness and to those haters who might have some ill-formed opinion to share. Before you open your mouth, read this modern-day twist on the “hold your peace” line: Before we continue, if any of you has anything to say that might change their minds, they don’t want to hear it.

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  1. Rebecca

    There are always those who wield their rubber stamp of hate! At some point if you are in ear shot or in this case arm shot –a pointed flaring latex design with condemning black ink will launch straight at your forehead with an attempt to leave a mark of disapproval on your smiling face. Keep in mind, this is never personal; it is just THEIR hand held “pattern”. Haters wear their custom-made apparel surprisingly with pride! It’s their garb, like their Scottish family tartan. I consider it though more like garb-age and those who fling its utter stink on those innocent bystanders need to first take a trip to a recycling center to sort out what are their issues and keep the glass and plastic apart from each other and give paper a little breathing room to dry out. After a trip to the “dump” I am sure they will be left with a hand full of chagrin. After a good spray down of the garbage can, why not water something worth growing instead of seeds of hate and put a new phrase on that rubberstamp, like: Good luck, Well wishes, or a trendier “love and light”. These are appropriate relationship attribute.

    With just enough love, positive guidance, support and encouragement lives could turn out to be just that of which Laney alludes to. The lifetime moment, a dream, a committed future, fulfillment which we all aspire to attain- everlasting love! Let’s lend a helping hand to each other; the fist is over played and frankly, if you want to be a part of something great I have never seen a Scottish tartan bride’s maid gown! If one day I do tie the knot, I will be indelibly wearing a mark of happiness on my beaming face.

    Life is hard enough in this community with the “world” against us…can’t the gay and lesbian community be a force within? Martin Luther King said: “At the center of non-violence stands the principle of love.” My rubber stamp stays LOVE. It is my wish that our gay and lesbian community become a nurturing center from with each one of us can more powerfully grow, be proud and deserving of all that we are…And stamp out hate.

    Thank you Laney for this blog and addressing this issue! I am a huge fan and read all of your postings even though this is the first I have ever responded to. This is not a lesbian issue, its universal and hurtful. I read all of your writing, and usually sit back with an impression I appreciate, but needed to comment here today and stamp this bitch. Keep up the great works!



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