Fashion Fridays – Tee Zone

I am kind of crazy when it comes to tee shirts. I feel like I’m constantly on the hunt for the perfect wash, fit and style. I like to have options, so I focus on two main categories:

1) The tee that you can wear to somewhat dressier functions. I love pairing tees with jeans, a blazer and heels because it transitions effortlessly from day to night. The tee can be simple and plain or perhaps have minimal embellishment.

2) The burnout tee that can be worn more casually. It is the tee that looks like it has been well worn and well loved. You can pair it with leggings, shorts or jeans for a laid back look. I tend to wear a scarf with tee for added style.

There are so many tee options these days, it’s hard to know what is an absolute necessitee in the world of the classic top. So, I thought I’d share some of my current tee treasures.


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