Mane Rok –local MC and member of LIFE Crewcaught up with Pictureplane (Travis Egedy) in this month’s Music Issue of 303 Magazine. Check out what made it in print at You can catch Pictureplane performing live tomorrow, May 15th at City Hall in the Summer Music Festival. It’s going to be an epic night of fashion, music, giveaways and dancing to the sounds of local bands and local DJs. Get your tickets online at Also, scroll all the way down to see upcoming Mane Rok and Pictureplane show dates. Here’s what the print magazine just couldn’t hold:



MR: What has been the most memorable event in your career so far, sir?
PP: Man, there’s been a ton. I mean lots of different kinds of moments. I would say the most memorable was to tour Europe. Just traveling around, experiencing new cultures every night.
MR: How many shows did you do in Europe with HEALTH?
PP: We were gone for two months, I don’t even know.

MR: Do you have any preshow rituals?
PP: I used to be about it for sure, I used to play “Deep Space 9MM” by El-P, that was years ago. I don’t do that anymore. I just sort of like, I feel like unpacking and packing my stuff, it’s a ritual because I do it all the time, but I pay a lot of attention to it.

MR: What do you like to listen to when you’re driving?
PP: I don’t know. In the car yesterday, we were jamming out to The Stooges, Bjork, UK club sounding stuff. I love dub step and grime.
MR: That’s new and old. Would you say you listen to more ’80s or older music?
PP: I usually listen to new stuff.

MR: What do you think of the current state of the music industry?
PP: It’s an amazing place right now. This guy I’m touring with right now, Washed Out, has never really toured before. He’s headlining, he’s only played ten shows and we’re playing sold out shows.
MR: How does he do it?
PP: It’s all Internet.

MR: How do you feel about pirating music?
PP: Ah man, I download music all the time.
MR: Thief! Fucking thief.
PP: I’ve always put my music up for free.
MR: Do you think that’s necessary?
PP: Kind of, yeah. You have to give it away.
MR: How do we make money? Let the people know!
PP: Record sales, as for any indie band, makes no money. It’s just shows and merchandise. You have to work for it.
MR. That’s right. Nobody can download a shirt, motherfucker.

Mane Rok

MR: If you could create a band with no more than four members, who you’d like to see perform live, who would be in it? Would it be you and you and you and you or what?
PP: Let’s see. How about fucking, hmmm, a ’90s R&B boy band, Soul for Real, or Bell Biv DeVoe, on part vocal section, have an industrial producer from the ’80s Mister M, like Bauhaus. An R&B vocal band over some sick industrial beats because that wouldn’t make any sense at all.

MR: What’s next for you?
PP: The almighty recording in my bedroom, art in my bedroom, keeping it real. Doing my thing.

MR: Where do you hope your music takes you? The listener?
PP: I just want it to be able to take me around and to share my life with people. It allows me to be free and myself.
MR: Is it more about you or the listener? You being free, you felt constrained by hip-hop?
PP: I put a lot of concepts in my record that I want to come across to the listener. It’s definitely not just for me.