If you try and connect the dots between the four it seems nearly impossible but the answer is simple…Chunky Pam. Who is Chunky Pam, you might ask. Well she is only one of the funniest underground rappers, of this generation.

Deliciously, Chunky Pam

The first time I saw the plus-size, Jersey rapinista known to world as Chunky Pam, I thought, Holy crap, who is this hot chubster rapping on my television.  She was a viral phenom, and the songs were/are really catchy.

If you think long and hard, some of you might recall her floetry skills broadcast on MTV a few years ago, when her single “Merry X.X.X.L.MAS” was used as a holiday promo.

Not only that but her second single “Pampered” (find it on her Myspace) was also used for an MTV promo a few short months later.

Since her first two videos were produced as MTV promos, they had insanely high production values, including sexy male backup dancers and blinged out junk food. Chunky Pam went from some unabashedly fat, female rapper to a household name…or at the very least a name whispered and uttered throughout high schools and college campuses around America.

Her third video, which appeared last summer, is called “Dirty Jerzy“, a shout out to her deep Jersey roots (damn Jersey Shore, you should have acted sooner.) Although she doesn’t speak of her love of food, in one shot she is seen eating a huge meal inside a diner…Oh Pam, how do I love thee, let me count the ways.

Now that we’ve connected Chunky Pam to the holidays, Jersey and Rap Music…what about America’s Next Top Model, this will be a stretch but stay with me.

The plus-size diva uses her lyrics to showcase how much she loves to eat. We so rarely see fat women sexualized in our culture, she’s undeniably hot. She’s proving that you can still be sexy while shoving a twinkie down your throat. And this is where ANTM, comes into the picture…

Every season, Tyra Banks, offers a position in the house to a plus-size. Fast forward a few episodes when the plus-size girl is crying because she is not “as skinny” as the other girls. Well if every potential plus size model, downloaded “Merry X.X.X.L.MAS” and listened to it before the shoot, I think it would be just the confidence boost they need.

Ashlie Atkinson

The strangest thing about Pam, though, is that she isn’t real. The actress that plays her is Ashlie Atkinson, a member of the Gotham Girls Roller Derby (Margaret Thrasher). She’s been on Rescue Me, had a pilot on Showtime, and appeared in a fat suit (!!) in an Off-Broadway play called Fat Pig. In an interview in AmaZe Magazine she talks about only wanting to play positive fat roles, so I guess she feels ok about Chunky Pam’s love of milkshakes.

Chunky Pam also falls into some of the same old traps that most other media assume about fat peopledoes- she’s the butt of a joke about how much fat people love to eat. But who cares, when you’ve got backing from MTV, I say keep the hits coming fatty!

Now all this talk of Chunky Pam, is making me hungry…so just go check out her music already.