The Cheaper Side of Life: Random Comparisons- Denver Vs. New York

Can I steal something? I found it online and HAVE to share it. So, I’ll give credit…it’s from the Denver Post. Something about it made me laugh because it makes Denver look like the Old West still, for example, they compare Barneys New York to Denver’s Rockmont Ranch Wear….like we’re all walking around in chaps and cowboy hats, but it’s still fun. So, as my blog…I’m just sharing this funny article by The Denver Post Staff:

“To the naysayers hurling raspberries at the tourism potential of a Democratic National Convention in Denver, we say this: Anything New York can do, we can do better. We’ve got your art (how bout a big blue bear?). We’ve got your celebrities (like comedian Josh Blue). We’ve got your sense of history. And we’ve got it all without a $20 cover to leave your hotel.

What we have that New York doesn’t

New venue for art gazing

Denver Art Museum Hamilton Wing


New York: Refurbished Museum of Modern Art

Denver: Daniel Libeskind’s deconstructionist Denver Art Museum Hamilton wing

It’s as artful as the blazing-hot collection inside. Yeah, we have some Impressionist stuff in there, but the real fun is the modern and contemporary work hanging on the akimbo walls.

Outdoor concert spot

New York: Strawberry Fields, in Central Park

Denver: Red Rocks Amphitheater, west of Denver

A show at Red Rocks



It is one of the greatest outdoor concert venues of all time. (Ask the Beatles and U2.) The place works as well for hair bands as it does for symphony orchestras. If you’re really lucky, the full moon will rise over the stage.

Colossal figure

New York: The Statue of Liberty

Denver: The Big Blue Bear peering into the window of downtown’s Colorado Convention Center

I got yer kulchah right here …

New York: Lincoln Center

Denver: The Denver Performing Arts Complex, at 14th and Curtis streets

It takes in the mammoth Buell Theatre for big traveling shows, the Boettcher Theatre for concerts in the round, the Helen G. Bonfils Theatre Complex, with four more intimate performance spaces, and the new Ellie Caulkins Opera House.

Must-do thing that proves you’re practically a native

New York: Walk over the Brooklyn Bridge

View from a drive over Trail Ridge Road

Denver: Drive over Trail Ridge Road

The highest continuous motorway in the U.S. winds through Rocky Mountain National Park and tops out at 12,183 feet.

Defining shopping experience

New York: Bloomingdale’s

Denver: REI’s cavernous flagship store on the banks of the Platte River

People might be outdoors trying out mountain bikes on the path or kayaks in the river, sort of summing up what it really means to be a Coloradan.

Specialty shopping experience

New York: Barneys

Denver: Rockmount Ranch Wear, 1626 Wazee St.

This store has outfitted cowboys and wannabes since 105-year-old proprietor Jack A. Weil was, well, a middle-aged man.

Great jazz haunt

New York: Birdland

Denver: El Chapultepec, at corner of Twentieth and Market

The one and "cash only" El Chapultepec


This legendary dive has hosted jazz, blues and rock luminaries since 1951. Cheap beer takes a bit of the sting out of the two-drink per-set minimum.

Vintage downtown building

New York: Chrysler Building

Denver: The 23-story Daniels & Fisher Tower at 16th and Arapahoe streets

Dwarfed by the contemporary buildings nearby, this elegant tower was once the nation’s third-tallest building.

Beloved indie bookstore

New York: The Strand Book Store

Denver: The Tattered Cover Book Store

Owned by First Amendment defender Joyce Meskis, this store has three locations. Check out the miles of shelves at the LoDo location – the political section is particularly choice. At 16th and Wynkoop, it’s just a few blocks from convention HQ.

Sacred ground

New York: Grant’s Tomb

Denver: Buffalo Bill’s Grave

Located about 30 minutes west of Denver on Interstate 70, this is where we pay homage to William F. “Buffalo Bill” Cody, famed scout, Pony Express rider and showman extraordinaire.

Comic celeb seen on the street

New York: Jerry Seinfeld

Denver: Josh Blue

The “Last Comic Standing” winner lives in the Golden Triangle neighborhood south of downtown and sometimes headlines at Comedy Works at the edge of Larimer Square.

Laughed at least a little? I did.

See ya’ll later (with that, I tip my cowboy hat and walk slowly away with spurs on my feet…)

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