As we wrap up the month of April, I wanted to present a somewhat controversial topic (in the fashion world at least). This month, French Elle put Tara Lynn, a plus-size model, on its cover and included a nearly nude 20-page spread inside.

April issue French Elle

Similarly, London designer, Mark Fast, used primarily plus-size models in his most recent fashion show at London Fashion Week and some of his employees actually quit over the decision. Keep in mind plus-size in the model world is the average – or often below average – size of American women.

Even cycle 10 (but who’s counting?) of “America’s Next Top Model” was all about meatier models. In the past, a curvier girl was mixed in with the rest of the slim cast, but in this particular installment, the entire cast was full-figured. And in the end, a beautiful size 12 won the top prize.

So since model size has been a large topic as of late, I’m curios what 303 readers think. Do you like to see the diversity of full figures or are you more comfortable with “standard” models? Do you think magazines and designers like using curvier women to showcase clothing or they do it to separate themselves from the masses and stir the pot? There definitely seems to be a shift in the business, so let me know if you like the new mold of models.