I’ve been known to melt over chocolate. All men know that key to a woman’s heart is through a box of chocolates…or something like that, but why do we love chocolate? Sweet, bittersweet, dark, milk, white…it doesn’t matter what kind (although I’m sure we all have a preference) we all love chocolate.

I found this, “In 2004, researchers at a hospital in Milan, Italy, questioned nearly two hundred women about their consumption of chocolate and their feelings of sexual fulfillment.

The results are impressive. Women who consumed chocolate daily reported a higher degree of sexual satisfaction. The study, which was funded by a university for academic purposes, and not by a chocolate company, indicated that even women who normally had a lower libido reported an increase in their sex drive after consuming chocolate.”

Aztec emperor Montezuma was said to drink 50 golden goblets of chocolate a day to boost his sex drive before visiting his harem of 600 women! And, the worlds most famous lover Casanova was said to eat chocolate before he had sex.


So here’s the science behind the sex: chocolate contains both Serotonin and Phenylethylamine, both of which are mood-lifting chemicals found naturally in our brains (the best sex organ.) When we eat chocolate, the levels of these chemicals increase, leading to feelings of excitement, elation, love, pleasure and energy.