Nothing makes me long for tan skin like 14 inches of snow. As I sit here on this snowy afternoon, listening to the new She & Him I realize that I need more than a tan, I need a vacation. A tropical escape that will leave me sun-kissed and refreshed. Until that perfect vacay I guess I have rum and self-tanner.

Product of the week: Jergens Natural Glow Express body moisturizer.

This is mellow, easy-to-use self tanner, it doesn’t stain your hands or your clothes, which makes anyone feel better about using a self tanning product.

For a darker tan for those real white Coloradans, try Sally Hansen’s Air Brush Legs. As long as you smooth and apply evenly this product is great. Make sure to scrub your hands afterwords so you don’t end up with a pair of Lindsey Lohan hands.