Interview with Scot Lefavor

Scot Lefavor

Scot Lefavor is one of Denver’s most recognized artist, his work is very well received and has been shown all over the country, recently, a solo show in DC and the Manifest Equality show in LA, where he showed alongside the likes of Barry McGee and Sheapard Fairly. Lefavor’s work tends to flirt with social commentary, his style has a strong graphical approach that often uses tongue-in-cheek subject matter infused with typographical elements. Being a graphic designer, I have always been intrigued by Lefavor’s work. His ability to juxtapose fine art with design creates an incredibly unique and recognizable style. Be sure to check out the June issue of 303 Magazine, Lefavor will be the featured artist.

I recently sat down with Lefavor and asked him a few questions:

Where are you from?

I’m from Massachusetts.

What is your art background/training?

I went to the Hartford Art School and studied graphic design and printmaking.

How long have you be doing art?

Since I got my one wish.

"Oh, Just A Few Things That Were Going Through My Mind Regarding Your Fairwell Email.." Acrylic, enamel on paper on panel 12 x 16'


Briefly describe your style:

Mid century sign painter meets cuss words and a general distaste for advertising, but secretly loving it.

"Answered and Told" 6'x4' Acrylic, enamel and paper on panel. Lefavor's contribution to the Manifest Equality show

Briefly describe you philosophy:

Pricing work is the last thing I think of.

Your style seems to be very graphically influenced, how important is graphic design in your art and philosophy?

Very important. I’m in love with typography. Typography is art as well as an important tool in coherent visual communication.

"Faceless Criminal" Gel transfer, enamel, found paper on panel 24in x 18in

What are your feelings towards the Denver art scene?

I love the Denver art scene. There is an exceptional amount of talent for a small city. People will/are starting to move here for the creative climate. There isn’t that cutthroat bullshit here that goes down in other cities. We are all very supportive of each other. Now, we just need to have folks realize that it isn’t all fun all the time. We do need to be supported financially. The amount of people showing up to art shows has picked up exponentially over the last few years. Pick up some work if you really like it. It’ll feel good knowing you are helping support a great thing here, and it’ll beat that pre-packaged Crate & Barrel giclee of the Eiffel Tower you got hangin in your crib.

"Verses" 24 x 18" Acrylic, spray paint and enamel on panel 24 x 18"

Any comments or words of wisdom for an aspiring artist?

Make a mess.

When is your next show?

I’ll be working on pieces for Create Denver Week and for the Biennial of the Americas. After that I have a small solo show at The Shoppe.


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