Jason Thielke's Reflection of Habit

Looking for a happening place to take a date? Want to seem like you’re part of the art scene in Denver? This


Friday, you don’t have to look any farther than the David B. Smith Gallery. Tonight, they’re going to exhibit the work of a few artists who will be fully featured later in the year, and a few artists they would have liked to feature if they had time. This will be their second exhibition of the year, titled Group Exhibition 2010, Part 2.

Why should you care about David B. Smith Gallery?  Because the art is new (read: contemporary) and hip. Some artists who will be displaying their work, like Jason Thielke (who we featured in our Art issue this month) and Kris Lewis, are David B. Smith alumni who have graduated to international fame. Thiel’s art focuses on the female form and the use of lines. Others, like Cole Sternberg, are just making their debut. Sternberg’s art creates an Impressionistic blur out of words and colors.


An art gallery can be the perfect place to impress a date, but only if you know Realism from Romanticism. Be sure

Cole Sternberg

to read up on the most famous art movements so far using some online resources. When you’re at the gallery, don’t be intimidated by the art (or the other art appreciators.) Art is for everybody!

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I’m Geoff, and that’s the Cheaper Side of Life.