Bridal Woes


The Odd Couple has taken a small blog hiatus and for that we are sorry. This half of The Odd Couple is, as mentioned in our very first post, engaged and in the midst of the madness that is wedding planning. On a similar note, 303’s upcoming March issue will feature all things bridal. Long story short folks,cakes, tastings, invitations, and seating charts are on the brain. Oh my. So I thought I would allow you into my brain for 3 or 400 words.

Shape Magazine published its first Bride issue for Spring 2010 and, because I am obsessed with magazines and currently wedding magazines specifically, I purchased it. It offers some interesting and some ridiculously obvious information, but one theme that was blatant throughout was this: losing weight for your wedding. Even typing that phrase makes me feel anxious, and the whole idea screams cliche. We’ve all heard about or seen some crazed, calorie counting bride-to-be with her eye on the prize- a large alterations bill and a not-so-large ass. With every headline advising me how to tone my arms, slim my hips, and flatten my tummy, how could I possibly think I’d be OK walking down that aisle just as I am?

No joke, as I was writing this another 303 staffer started randomly chatting with me and asked if I felt pressure to lose a lot of weight for my wedding. I don’t, yet…is that bad?


Honestly, I could go on and on and on…and on…about this topic, but alas I will refrain from using this blog as my own personal diary or sounding board and attempt to offer something interesting to say, which is this: I’m experiencing an identity crisis the size of J. Lo’s derriere and it is the media’s fault. If I lived in a world without television, without magazines, and without Twitter, I think I’d still wake up every day thinking I look pretty decent. I do not, however, live in this world. I enjoy all of these pleasures that simultaneously inspire and torment me. I mean come on, I’m a magazine whore. Thus, I will continue to fret, complain, and drink wine every night…and hope that on my wedding day, just a mere few months away, I will walk down that aisle with confidence and grace. I have no doubt I will, because really, at the end of the day, it’s no longer just about me.

Anyone else experienced or experiencing a similar issue?

  1. It’s all about the attitude…Sarah (I’m assuming because you’re the girl…haha.). Don’t fret over what magazines tell you to do or look like, I’m sure it’s the last thing your future hubbie is thinking about. When the day comes I’m sure no matter what, he’ll still be thinking he’s the luckiest man on the planet. Hope you wedding turns out well. 🙂

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