For some of us, a new year means a new beginning. From cleaning out our closets, to budgeting wisely, we’re all doing it: we’re trying new things. In a particularly cliche fashion, I’ve been trying to “detox” for the month of January. What kind of detox one might ask? Basically cutting out everything enjoyable, from sugar, to caffeine to, this is the big one, wine. Oh yes, and fish and meat as well. What’s left? Beans, vegetables, fruit-boring, boring, and boring.

Living in a world of bland these days, I needed some spice in my life. So I went to my first Zumba class last weekend. I walked in and was suddenly amongst the most diverse (in size, shape, and everything else) group of women and men, yes, men (a few brave souls), all clad in bright stretchy pants and tops, ready to shake some bootay. Confession: I almost walked out. I consider myself a hard-core fitness devotee. I spin, I can downward dog with the best of ’em, I’ve even run a couple marathons. I’m legit. So when I walked into Zumba, I did it: I judged. My pride got in the way, however, so I stayed. I stayed and I danced, salsa-ing, meringue-ing, and shimmying my hypercritical little tush around the room. And you know what? I had fun. I sweat a lot. And I want go again. Shame on me.

In one of my recent issues of Glamour magazine, a writer discussed ways to be happier in 2010 and one of them was to “let it go.” These three little words resonated with me, and I got to thinking: trying new things means letting go of judgment, of worry, of self-consciousness, and just being. So there it is. 2010 will be about putting ourselves out there. This goes for me and for the other half of “The Odd Couple,” Noah. Without divulging any of the juicy details, let’s just say that Noah is on his own, very exciting, trying-new-things journey. More on that later…

Oh, and good news! I have new brake lights, heat, and Noah has since showered and brushed his teeth.

Until next time, folks, I’ll be Zumba-ing.