Last Friday I decided to start my night off with some visual stimulation at the David B. Smith Gallery art opening “Group Exhibition 1”, a group show featuring the works of Ricky Allman, Emil Alzamora, Gregory Euclide, Christina Empedocles, Lori Field, Regan Rosburg, Kristen Schiele & Mike Stilkey. Running late, I assumed that the opening would be winding down, but to my surprise, the semi-newly relocated gallery (15th and Wazee) was buzzing with a nice mix of serious art collectors sipping wine, and young hipsters taking advantage of the free PBR. I myself began the consumption process but was mildly disappointed to find out that the gallery ran out of alcohol, considering how the rest of my Friday night turned out, this was probably a good thing.

Before I had a chance to look at the work, a fellow design cohort of mine, with a very confident tone, told me that, “This is the best show I have seen in Denver.” Thus adding to my already high expectations. I am usually never disappointed with the shows at David B. Smith, which is somewhat the Jonathan Levine Gallery of the West and quickly establishing itself as the top alt art gallery in Denver.

Needless to say, my expectations were met. The layout of the gallery, the work, the crowd and the ambiance (minus the dry bar) all made this show quite spectacular. Some of the pieces that particularly stood out to me were the work of Denver artist, Regan Rosburg, and Minnesotan, Gregory Euclide. I couldn’t stop gravitating back to their work, probably because it was three-dimensional work presented in a two- demential manner, something that I don’t often see.

As I was leaving the gallery to continue with my Friday night shenanigans, a fellow artist-friend mentioned that the second group exhibit will make this show look amateur- not sure if I agree with that statement, but I will be there to investigate come February 19th.

Good turn out.

Gregory Euclide