New Colorado Music You Should Know — July Edition


Welcome to our monthly series on new Colorado music. Every month, we highlight five local musicians, five local music videos and five local songs. Go here to check out previous entries to the series. Are you a Denver artist with fresh music you would like us to check out? Send to and/or for consideration.

Get ready to discover your next favorite local tunes with 303 Magazine’s “New Colorado Music You Should Know.” This edition is packed with the freshest sounds from the state’s most exciting emerging artists. Stay ahead of the curve with the best new music Colorado has to offer.

5 Local Up and Comers

Candy Chic

Dive into the dreamy world of Candy Chic, Denver’s freshest band making waves with their unique “Pastel Surf Goth” sound. Blending indie vibes with noisy, energetic rhythms, this band is all about good times and great tunes. Don’t miss their captivating sessions on Jewel Ave 3, where they showcase their fantastic blend of bright melodies and goth grooves. 

bleed moxie

Denver’s own hip hop/pop sensation bleed moxie has just dropped his highly anticipated album, Women’s Society, and it’s already creating waves in the Denver music scene. Mark your calendars for July 19th, when the Women’s Society (Deluxe Edition) comes out with three previously unreleased tracks. Celebrate the album’s release at HQ in Denver on July 25th for a kickoff to UMS weekend, featuring an awesome lineup of local talent and an album that is absolutely a must-listen. 


Get ready to turn up the volume because Blameshells, one of Denver’s newest punk/grunge bands, has just unleashed their self-titled debut EP. Featuring members of Fever Dream and GALLERIES, this band is set to take the scene by storm with their raw energy and loud sound. The EP delivers a punchy blend of punk attitude and grunge intensity. Dive into Blameshells’ explosive debut release here. 


Joytrip is a new band with an eclectic electric indie folk collaborative that’s turning heads with its dreamy soundscapes and soft, cool, scenic painting-like album artwork. This four-piece band effortlessly blends eclectic influences to create a unique and mesmerizing listening experience. Their music feels like a serene journey through Colorado’s breathtaking landscapes. Dive into their enchanting world and let their soothing melodies and artistic visuals transport you to another world.

+Ultra and Kid Astronaut

+Ultra is back and teaming up with local artist Kid Astronaut with a smooth blend of RnB, hip hop, and jazz in their latest single, “All I Need.” This track showcases +Ultra’s fun style, combining vocals with groovy beats and jazzy undertones. It’s the perfect addition to your summer playlist, bringing a refreshing vibe that’s both chill and captivating. Let this single be all you need to elevate your music game this season.

5 New Songs By Local Artists

Common Birds – “Outta Here”

Get ready to be flown away by Common Birds, the indie rock dream pop trio from Fort Collins. Their latest track, “Outta Here,” dropped on July 1st and is already soaring. With vocals that echo the lush harmonies of bands such as Fleet Foxes, this song is a must-listen for fans of poppy melodies and rich, atmospheric soundscapes. Dive in and let Common Birds take you on a sonic journey you won’t soon forget.

Tiny Tomboy – “Sandy”

Tiny Tomboy, the Colorado trio known for their soothing female-fronted vocals and soft indie sound, is back with three fresh tracks! Their latest release, “Sandy,” debuted on July 5th under Mean World Records and is a testament to their melodic vibe. Catch them live at the Underground Music Showcase festival later this month; it’s the perfect chance to experience their serenading sound in person. Don’t miss out on these rising stars of the indie scene.

Haley Harkins – “Ebb and Flow”

Get ready to be swept away by Haley Harkin’s latest single, “Ebb and Flow,” dropping on July 16th. Known for her folk medicine music that creates healing and connection, this Colorado-based acoustic artist melds soulful melodies with heartfelt lyrics. “Ebb and Flow” will be a serene and uplifting journey, perfect for anyone looking to find peace through music. Don’t miss this release from one of Colorado folk’s finest healers.

Volts Delicious – “Ring the Alarm”

Prepare your taste buds because Denver’s own Volts Delicious is serving up a great new single, “Ring the Alarm.” This alt-rock band is ready to electrify your playlist with their dynamic sound and positive energy. Ready to deliver, Volts Delicious is back to prove that their music is as tasty as ever. Don’t miss out on this electrifying release from one of Denver’s hottest upcoming bands.

In Plain Air – “Blowout”

Denver’s psych rock sensation, In Plain Air, is set to blow minds with their latest single, “Blowout!” Catch them live at the Hi-Dive on July 20th for a release show that’s sure to be an unforgettable night. Following this upcoming show, the band hits the road for a tour running from 7/20 to 8/4. Don’t miss your chance to experience their mesmerizing sound and electrifying performances in person.

Five New Local Music Videos

Atom Son Of Man – “JUNKYARD DOG”

Colorado garage rockers Atom Son of Man have just unleashed a wild music video for their single “Junkyard Dog”. The video features the band rocking out atop cars in an actual junkyard, delivering raw, energetic performances that perfectly match the gritty vibe of the track. This visual spectacle is a must-see for fans of unfiltered rock ‘n’ roll. Get ready to be blown away by Atom Son of Man’s awesome music video.

The Mssng – “Dance Fever”

Get ready to be mesmerized by The Mssng’s latest lyrics music video for “Dance Fever.” This artsy, creative video features cool visuals reminiscent of an art gallery or museum, perfectly complementing the band’s fun sound. Catch The Mssng live at the Underground Music Showcase in late July for an unforgettable performance.

Dead Set Saints – “Live Like I Believe”

Dead Set Saints has a new music video for “Live Like I Believe” featuring Disciple. This Colorado hard rock band delivers a gothic feeling banger, jamming out in a darkly lit room that perfectly matches their intense vibe. The video’s moody atmosphere and powerful performance will have you hooked from the first riff. Don’t miss out on this epic collaboration that’s sure to make waves in the rock scene.

Temple of Asteria – “The Terror”

Denver’s own Temple of Asteria is here with a mind-bending music video for “The Terror,” a track from their upcoming album, Achlys Rising. This psychedelic rock band takes you on a visual trip with abstract shapes, art, and fire, creating a mesmerizing experience. The video’s trippy aesthetic perfectly complements their unique sound. Be sure to go on a journey with this mind bending video.

Circles We Draw – “Endless Pathways”

Denver’s rock trio Circles We Draw is back with an easygoing vibe in their new music video for “Endless Pathways.” The video features a fast-moving drone camera capturing playful scenes of ladies dancing and having fun in a picturesque park. This visual feast perfectly complements the band’s laid-back sound, creating a feel-good experience that’s sure to brighten your day.

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