Outfit Round-Up: Le Dîner En Blanc Encourages Playful & Chic Style

Photo by Amber Uffelman

On the evening of June 15, just as golden hour was setting in, some of Denver’s finest arrived at Civic Center Park dressed in all white —me among them. Le Dîner En Blanc, a traditional pop-up picnic with an all-white dress code and a location kept secret until an hour before the event, had officially arrived in the Mile High City.

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I watched as those around me set up their tables, laying out their smooth white tablecloths and unpacking charcuterie and wine from their picnic baskets. Guests brought fancy cutlery, beautiful centerpieces and — in one case — a portable chandelier that hung above one group’s table. The energy was high and wholesome, and the event’s mission of fostering community and shared experience held from the moment the attendees arrived.

The sparkling vibes carried throughout the night, from the traditional napkin twirl that kicked off dinner to the moonlit dance party that closed out the night.

And, at the end of the night, as I walked across the grass toward the Capitol, the sight of hundreds dressed all in white, laughing and dancing and sharing space, was truly breathtaking.

Admittedly, as a fashion girlie to my core, part of what made this event so breathtaking was the unique interpretations of the event’s “copy paper white” dress code. Here are some of our favorite looks from Le Dîner En Blanc Denver.

Pilar Athaide-Victor (@p.il.ar) and Jessie Lause (@jessielow_say) combined various textures and fabrics for altogether playful looks.
If there’s anyone who can make a full-feather skirt somehow look chic and classy, it’s Mari Casas (@marisnextstop).
This group impressed with chic accessories, including gloves, stunning shoes and unique headdresses.
(featuring @jean.chirie, @miss_sidha, @brandy_atiang, @agatha256, and @boliviamaite13)
Jordan McHenry (@creature86) brought street-style to the event with his effortlessly cool look.
Not only was this guests’ delicate floral dress immaculate, but her mask elevated her look to high fashion.
This duo (@jadegrippa and @sjgrippa) donned accessories that brought playfulness and joy to their all-white ensembles.
Ariel Fefer (@strongliftnutrition) and his guest played with unique silhouettes and eye-catching silver accessories for their looks.
This pair of sisters didn’t coordinate before the event — but they both showed up wearing feathery fringe.
Truly, there’s nothing better than sheer lace, puffy sleeves and a clean-cut two-piece set.
William Carter (@way2game3) wore an ensemble that was equal parts clean and classy, with just a wink of skin-bearing sheer lace.

All photography by Amber Uffelman.

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