FOX 31’s Kylie Bearse Hosts Approachable Outdoor Fundraising Event For Childen’s Cancer Research

Amid COVID, FOX 31’s Meteorologist Kylie Bearse found herself, like many, enjoying the outdoors. Her love for nature and hiking turned into a blog called Approachable Outdoor where unlike a typical hiking blog she would write about the mental and physical benefits of hiking.

It then grew into a small community and led to an opportunity to put together fundraising events. 

On June 11, Bearse will host her third fundraising Benefit Bash event to raise money for the Morgan Adam’s Foundation which focuses on children’s cancer research. Hosted at Chef Troy Gaurd’s Mexican restaurant Los Chingones RINO, the event will feature raffles and a live music performance by 9News Sports Reporter Jacob Tobey.  

“[Approachable Outdoors] has created this awesome community in the last couple of years,” Bearse said. “It’s become more than just a blog. We’ve done these fundraisers and I’m so excited — it’s fun to actually have a community impact beyond the trails.”

Over the last couple of years, Bearse has established the community even more so with her intent to create content focused on those who need guidance on where to start in the outdoors.

“It’s all about breaking down the barriers to make the outdoors more accessible, so it’s reaching the people who don’t necessarily climb fourteeners but want to do something for themselves and their health,” she said. “I want to make sure that it’s not intimidating finding all of the information they need to get started.” 

In addition to creating a safe space, she hosts fundraising events every year in support of various organizations — this year being the Morgan Adam’s Foundation. 

Bearse used to do a series on kids in the children’s hospitals and her mother is a Pediatric ICU nurse. With this in mind, she said that she found herself very close to the Morgan Adams Foundation’s mission.

“I’m very very close to that cause and I have a billion nieces and nephews running around, so I can’t think of a better cause than making sure our kids stay safe and healthy,” Bearse said. “They [Morgan Adams Foundation] were so stoked to partner and they’ve been awesome. I’m really excited I get to make that impact and hand them a check that makes a difference for kids.”

Since the beginning, to raise money Bearse released ballcaps and t shirts where all proceeds would benefit the foundation — this year is no different. She released a hiking ballcap and created raffle opportunities during the event. Guests have the opportunity to win weekend trips to Ouray, Vail and Breckenridge or even a Denver night out package.  

All proceeds from the event and Bearse’s Approachable Outdoor ballcap go towards the foundation — get your tickets and merch here. 

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