Pedal Into History With Colorado Railbike Adventures

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Photo courtesy of Jeff Rummer

This Memorial Day weekend, the town of Erie and its locals, including Jeff Rummer and his family will bring a new way to welcome visitors and celebrate the historic town with Colorado Railbike Adventures, the state’s newest and most unique experience to switch up date night or a family vacation. Hop on a railbike (a mix between a bicycle and a train) and celebrate 15 decades of one of Colorado’s most delightful towns while experiencing “history, recreation, scenic views, and the thrill of pedaling along the second oldest tracks in the state” with Colorado Railbike Adventures.

Dating back 150 years ago in the 1860s, Erie was discovered when its settlers discovered coal along Coal Creek. Soon after coal mining would emerge as the primary industry driving the town’s growth, the settler’s findings would open up the western edge of the Northern Colorado Coalfield and a brand new railroad would be built.

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Photo Courtesy of Jeff Rummer

Rummer and his family were always fascinated by railroads and the mechanics of locomotives. Who doesn’t love the youthful experience of watching a toy train roll through a hand-made track or motioning for the conductor to go “choo-choo?” The love for trains grew during COVID when the family’s Grandpa Bob introduced Rummer’s children to levers and imagined building a hand cart to demonstrate how levers function to power transportation on the open tracks of Erie.

The family dug into the history of these abandoned tracks and discovered a story to tell; Erie’s Denver Boulder Valley Railroad tracks are the second oldest in the state. Rummer wanted a fun way to share this history and after doing research found that over twenty operators ran railbike tours along historic railways to engage tourists. Rummer uncovered “the ‘vehicle’ to tell Erie and Denver Boulder Valley Railroad’s history.

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Photo Courtesy of Jeff Rummer

The family is thrilled to unveil Colorado’s first railbike operation three years later. On May 24, just in time for summer, Colorado natives and travelers will have the opportunity to pedal their way through 150 years of Erie Coal Train History. The primary route, Boulder Valley Mine Route, offers 2 hours and 4.2 miles of memorable views including the Front Range, Thorodin Mountain, and Longs Peak. Guests begin their adventure at the Depot and will ride through Coal Creek, ending their journey in Old Town Erie. After exercise and fun, unwind at the Depot under shaded structures, snack on refreshments and enjoy yard games with friends or family.

Coming this fall, Longs Peak Route will offer an eight-mile roundtrip for adventure seekers and historians. Take on Colorado Railbike Adventures’ longest ride through the breathtaking Wise Homestead Open Space and get a look at irrigation dug Lower Boulder Ditch. This is a large trek but once you reach Stagecoach Stop Turnaround you’ll have the chance to stretch before the pedal back.

Book your Colorado Railbike now if you’re itching to pedal into history! Each railbike accommodates four people, and all departures are priced at $160 per railbike ($40/person). Learn something new this summer while adding a bit of thrill with Colorado Railbike Adventures!

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