Discover The Timeless Taste Of Rio Grande Mexican Restaurant

Way back in 1986, Rio Grande Mexican Restaurant first opened its doors in Fort Collins, Colorado. Since its inception, the Rio has grown from a humble establishment in Fort Collins to a renowned culinary destination across Colorado. Founded by Pat McGaughran and his two best friends, twin brothers, Andre and Stephen Mouton, the Rio has flourished into a beloved stable in Colorado, offering sanctuary from the world’s problems.

Despite their diverse backgrounds in music and trade, they poured their hearts into every aspect of the restaurant, from construction to cooking, ensuring that every dish served at Rio Grande reflected their commitment to excellence.

Their vision was twofold: to bring some of the wonderful traditions of Tex-Mex and the Yucatan to their new community, and to create a great place to work.

Thirty-eight years later, the Rio is still enjoying incredible success at 5 Colorado locations. Famous for margaritas and grilled, marinated Fajitas, the Rio is still true to its roots in wholesome food made from scratch and a wholesome work environment.

Join us at our newest location in the heart of lower downtown Denver, near iconic landmarks like Union Station and McGregor Square, and experience the enduring legacy of Rio Grande for yourself.

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