Broncos Game Day Style Guide for Men: Elevate Your Fan Fashion

Game day fashion is about more than just showcasing your Broncos spirit: it’s an opportunity to express your unique style. Whether you’re tailgating, heading to the stadium, or watching the game from McGregor Square, the fit you choose can help you feel comfortable and confident. 

In this guide, we’ll explore a range of fashion tips and strategies to help you elevate your game day look. From clever layering techniques to unconventional pant choices and the art of accessorizing, you’ll discover how to stand out from the crowd while supporting your favorite team.

So, let’s dive into the world of game-day fashion and unlock the secrets to looking dope while staying spirited. 

Embrace Layers

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Not only do layers help elevate your look, they’re perfect for combatting unpredictable Denver weather. Take your game day look to the next level by mastering the art of layering. Though a simple white t-shirt will do the trick under your jersey on hotter days, take it up a notch by adding visible layers underneath.

Visualize your Broncos jersey or t-shirt as the focal point of your outfit. Layer a well-fitted long-sleeved shirt underneath for subtle elevation, or throw it over a hoodie for a grungier look. 

Don’t be afraid to throw layers on top as well. While a well-worn denim jacket is a quality staple and will never truly go out of style, bomber jackets and letterman-style are sweeping fall fashion this year. 

Think Beyond Blue Jeans

game day fashion pants

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Quality denim is irreplaceable but it can also be a little boring. 

Ditch the predictable blue jeans to embrace a fresh take on game day style. Instead, pair your favorite Broncos gear with chinos or cargo pants. Chinos add a touch of sophistication to your look, making for a more pulled-together ensemble.

On the other side of the coin, cargo pants inject an edgy, utilitarian vibe into your look, perfect for a more casual, grungy streetwear vibe.

For extra elevation, play around with color. Green (particularly sage, olive or forest green) can be used as a neutral when paired with orange, blue and navy. For a little extra spice, lean into camo or other military-inspired bottoms 

Utilize the “Sandwich Method” 

game day fashion sandwich method

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Sweeping FashionTok right now, the “Sandwich Method” of styling can help you piece together a cohesive and elevated outfit. Essentially, the sandwich method means coordinating two items of the same color or texture and adding a piece of a different color or texture in the middle. 

For example, this method could mean pairing your orange Broncos t-shirt with a pair of sneakers that has orange accents. It could also mean coordinating orange, blue or navy accessories with a more neutral outfit. Using this method, you can pair unexpected items together and still produce a cohesive look. 

Don’t Shy Away From Accessories

There’s a difference between wearing your clothes and styling them, and accessories can make all the difference. Consider choosing accessories that are a mix of stylish and practical. 

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A simple orange or navy blue bandana can help elevate your look and take it to the next level. Wearing it around your head or tying it around your neck not only adds style – it can collect pooling sweat and keep you cool and comfortable. 

A mile closer to the sun, Empower Field can be blinding. Finding a staple pair of sunglasses that fit your face is a no brainer and it can help you step your look up beyond the basics. 

As the weather grows colder, lean into beanies and neck scarves in Broncos colors both to stay warm and to add dimension to your look.  And, as always, consider adding subtle jewelry like chains, earrings or a watch for a touch of personal style that adds a little gleam.

Shop Secondhand Broncos Gear

Vintage Broncos Tee Game Day Style

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If you’re looking for unique Broncos gear that no one else at the stadium will be rocking, consider hitting the thrift store or one of Denver’s many collectives – such as Show Pony Vintage or The Common Collective – for secondhand and vintage Broncos pieces.

If you’d rather order online, try scouring Depop and Poshmark for vintage t-shirts, hats, crewnecks, scarves–essentially any gear your heart desires.