KolchagovBarba Returns to Denver Fashion Week With Oscar Nominee Lesley Paterson

International designers Svetoslav Kolchagov and Emilio Barba return with KolchagovBarba for Denver Fashion Week’s Spring ‘23 show with special celebrity guest and Oscar Nominee, Lesley Paterson.

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Photo Courtesy of KolchagovBarba

Kolchagov and Barba enjoyed their first time at DFW last November so much that they’re returning again this season.

KolchagovBarba first participated in DFW when the two designers were on a holiday trip in Aspen. As they were talking with their friends, they were informed about DFW. The pair thought they would give it a look and ended up very impressed. 

“The energy that was around the event was something that reminded me of the very beginning of London Fashion Week,” Barba said. 

DFW brings a fun, new and unique perspective to the fashion scene. “Being where you are located, you are capturing a huge proposition of people that otherwise in the U.S. would not be represented,” Barba said.  

Photo Courtesy of Drew Shearwood

Along with participating in various fashion weeks, designers Kolchagov and Barba also dress different celebrities. They have most recently styled screen-writer and producer of All Quiet on the Western Front, Lesley Paterson

KolchagovBarba was given the opportunity to dress Paterson for the Oscars. See her Oscar dress in the upcoming Denver Fashion Week show. 

“If you had told me that this was a show that was organized for the last 20 years, I would believe it,” said Barba. “It was just perfection, we absolutely loved it, that’s why we were so keen to come back,” Barba said. 

Photo Courtesy of JJ Constantine

There is a lot of hard work that goes on behind these shows and a lot of moving hands. “I praise the models, the people that organize it, the casting and the professionalism of these people. It was absolutely amazing,” said Barba.

As KolchagovBarba prepares for their return this May, we can expect to see their newest collection, “DAME,” where they will honor the presence of late designer Vivienne Westwood and the influences and ideas she had on the fashion world. 

This will be an elevated collection with a majority of evening dresses. “We wanted to make a very powerful statement. You walk into a room, you command attention,” said Barba. 

Throughout this collection, designers Barba and Kolchagov played around with colors to present an innovative look. 

Photo by Roxanna Carrasco

After KolchagovBarba’s first show in DFW, they received international and national attention.

Kolchagov and Barba did a photoshoot in Denver featuring their DFW Spring ‘22 looks which were presented worldwide. Along with being shown in Elle Magazine, they were also featured in the Italian magazine Grazia, and in London Fashion Week.

Barba said that this was the first time that London Fashion Week promoted a picture that was from a different fashion week. He said because of that they felt reassured, and that this was a tremendous compliment to them and their brand. 

KolchagovBarba started when both designers met during Paris Fashion Week. At the time, Kolchagov was working for Vivienne Westwood and shared his ideas with Barba. Together, they realized that they share a passion for adding to the fashion world in areas they felt it lacked — like bags, and creating beautiful personable gowns for women to feel confident in. 

“If you are a true artist, the worst thing that you can do is limit your creativity,” Barba said.

Photo Courtesy of Honey Davis Wilkinson

KolchagovBarba really took off during one special event. At the time they had their first collection, Timeless. They got called by a stylist saying that they were looking for a gold dress because Dannii Minogue was coming to surprise the audience at Kylie Minogue’s concert and she needed to wear a gold dress. 

“Funny enough, we had one gold dress, and the collection only had 7 dresses,” said Barba. 

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Barba hand delivered the dress to make sure it arrived safe and sound. “When I arrived there, there was a galore of dresses being delivered… Dolce & Gabbana, Valentino, Dior. I remember calling Svet and saying, “I don’t think it’s going to happen, babe,” Barba said. 

To their surprise, when the two designers attended the event, they noticed their dress was on stage. “Apparently, Dannii Minogue walked into the room full of dresses and looked at one dress and said, “That’s the dress I am going to wear tonight,” and it was ours. I can’t even explain how exciting it was,” Barba said. 

See KolchagovBarba present their latest collection Denver Fashion Week on May 13.

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