DFW Day Five Sneakers and Streetwear

Photo Courtesy of Jas Kitterman

The Brighton was buzzing with excitement as attendees eagerly awaited the showcase of local streetwear brands on Day Five of Denver Fashion Week. Uncomn Wealth, DENVER FXXX$, Culture Street and Sliv Life were among the featured designers, each bringing their unique style to the runway. The energy in the air was electric as fashion enthusiasts and industry professionals alike eagerly anticipated the start of the show. 

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Sliv Life

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Kicking off Day Five of  DFW was Sliv Life, presenting a bold and edgy collection that blended grunge with vibrant neon colors, featuring ripped jeans and tops that added a touch of rebellious flair to the runway. Cameron Connolly started Sliv Life a year after beating cancer in 2017. The main message of Sliv Life is shared through their clothing, which is to remind people of Sliv Life to the fullest. Connolly mentioned, “Life is fragile and we never really know what’s gonna happen so we have to Sliv in the moment.” Connolly has been in business for 6 years now with Sliv Life, with about 4 years of experience in the fashion industry. 


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Brandon Krueger’s fashion brand, DENVER FXXX$, made a striking impression at DFW with their collection featuring oversized shirts adorned with the brand’s logo. Alongside these statement pieces, the brand also showcased high-quality leather vests, skeleton sweaters and tote bags featuring the iconic logo, all displaying the brand’s distinctive aesthetic and attention to detail. Incorporating their signature logo into each piece, DENVER FXXX$ has established itself as a leader in the streetwear scene.

Culture Street

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Culture Street stocks a diverse range of streetwear brands, including popular labels such as Adidas, Nike and independent designers. Their DFW collection showcased flannels, printed jeans and graphic tees, offering a unique selection to its customers. Their DFW collection embodied current streetwear trends.

Uncomn Wealth

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Uncomn Wealth Clothing was founded by Kenneth Finning, with a shared passion for fashion with designer Tino Sanchez. As a team, they have produced a brand that truly sets itself apart in the fashion industry. Uncomn wealth conveys the plethora of cracks and crevices in ever–expanding minds. The brand’s aesthetic mixes modern streetwear and classic menswear, resulting in versatile pieces that can be dressed up or down. Uncomn Wealth’s collection featured a variety of garments such as graphic t-shirts adorned with snakes, bomber jackets, and a meticulously crafted hoodie that drew inspiration from the Mustang.

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The Brighton at Denver Fashion Week served as a platform for local streetwear brands such as Uncomn Wealth, DENVER FXXX$, Culture Street, and Sliv Life to showcase their collections. Each designer brought their unique touch to the classic streetwear genre, incorporating a range of prints and textures that added visual interest to their pieces. The event provided an opportunity for these brands to display their creativity and showcase their commitment to the vibrant streetwear fashion scene in Denver.

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Photos by Jas Kitterman

Hair and Makeup: Ashley Howard, Jen Brawner, Mirella Serrano

Models: Kweku Kente Baffour, Lewis Sanchez, Toluwanimi Obiwole, Shayna Marie Hickox, Nathan Gaborek, Ahmari Dantzier, Mr. Matthew Cuff, Moese Kisale, Zane Romero, Gansu, Pines, Chris, Josue Padila, Steven Michael Perry Jr, Sophia Conca, Fernanda Guevara, Howard Snooks, Madison Facci, Miranda Diaz, Melvin Anderson, Senhica Klee, Gabrian Strenge, Jovan Myrieckes, Kiyasha Banks, Bronson Peltz, Nathan Simmons ll, Jordyne Stewart, Cody Redmond, Yovanna Valdez, Marcell Tyler, Aromous Robinson, Andrew John Philip, DeHart, Pedro Ruiz, Simone Pier, Christina Palacios, Kedrick Stewart, KJ Hamler, Kiani Ravford, Moses Kisale, Daniel Ramirez Dj Donp, Tyshawn Nicholas

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