Denver Fashion Week and Guided by Humanity Presents Inclusive Collection by Resourceful Threads

Guided by Humanity and sustainable brand, Resourceful Threads teamed up together to present a collection titled, “everyBODY” at Denver Fashion Week (DFW). Hosted by 9News reporter, Erika Lopez, throughout the show they not only raised disability awareness but through a silent auction raised money for future programming.

GBH is this season’s nonprofit partner that is an inclusive and affirming health and wellness non profit organization. They strive to fill in the gap by offering inclusive, accessible and equitable yoga and wellness services for everybody and everyability.

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Through the Resourceful Threads collection, inclusivity was at the forefront with their recycled and repurposed garments. As a brand, they want to improve the education of fashion and inform communities about recycling and innovative zero-waste technology. 

Their loose-fitted clothing combined with their upscale designs made for a night full of inclusive celebration. The line was created to “serve the needs of people who use wheelchairs, who prefer velcro over zippers and who feel better accessing their clothes from the sides instead of overhead,” Resourceful Threads said.

Unlike a typical show, each model walked the runway to a personally selected song — each one letting the model’s personalities shine through. In addition to the personalized music, the makeup matched the clothing perfectly.

From bright orange and blue to pink, the neon colors accentuated the fun garments and added to the playfulness of the show. Models also fed off of the audiences’ energy by interacting with them and adding their own dance moves and twists.

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Both Resourceful Threads and GBH focus on improving society. From fashion to advocacy for inclusivity, the partnership truly opened the door for conversation. 

GBH’s mission is to provide inclusive and equitable health and wellness services for people living with disabilities, seen and unseen. The “everyBODY” collection celebrated inclusivity while also showing that anyone can be fashionable while also benefiting the environment. 

In addition to the incredible energy, R&B artist Kid Astronaut performed two songs encouraging the audience to dance along.

Needless to say, the Guided By Humanity and Resourceful Threads show was one of Denver Fashion Week’s most notable nights yet. 

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Photos by Jas Kitterman

Models: Jeremiah, LC Casmon Sampson, Brittany Murdock, Jocelyn Roy, Melissa Baehr, Clay Winters, Jose Winters, Kate Nelson. Mary Medelin Sims, Tom Hinojos, Lindsay Rabbitt and Quana Madison.

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