Comedian Brandt Tobler Is Back At Comedy Works

From the Wild West to late-night stand-up shows, Cheyanne-based Brandt Tobler makes a bold move from cowboy to comedian. Coming to Comedy Works on April 19, Brandt Tobler will grace our presence with an epic night of entertainment, laughs, and happy tears.

Tobler is an American full-time stand-up comedian from Wyoming who attempted to be a cowboy but then quickly lassoed his steps into the comedy world. “I lived the cowboy life for about six months as it was so much work, so I quit and became a comedian,” says Tobler. “I now work 60 mins a night which is much more my speed.” From the land of cowboys and horses, Tobler shared that his dream of comedy did not just happen one day after a few adult beverages to ease the stage fright, but was instilled from a younger age by being voted class clown in Jr. High and High school.

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From the back roads of Wyoming to the busy streets of Las Vegas, Tobler has performed in some impressive places across the country and the world. “My favorite shows were performing for the troops in Italy, Greece and Turkey,” says Tobler. “However, my favorite comedy club is right here in Denver at Comedy Works.”

Tobler has made appearances on multiple TV shows, such as The Tonight Show with Jay Leno and The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson. In addition to being a comedian, Tobler is also an author and award-winning podcast host of 31 Podcast. “I started the podcast years ago, long before everybody had a podcast. Each week I interview interesting people and ask them each 31 questions” says Tobler. His newest book The Diary of a Piece of Shit (P.O.S) consisting of 40 wild stories, will be released later this summer.

Known as one of the best storytellers in comedy today, Tobler shares his approach. The key to keeping the audience engaged is don’t tell boring stories. There are a lot of great storytellers in comedy, but I would put my stories against anyone’s. I have lived and continue to live a pretty wild life, and I enjoy telling the world my crazy stories.”

But of course, none of that matters if you aren’t funny. “You need to be funny! There are many different styles of comedy, but none of them work if you are not funny,” shared Tobler.

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An opportunity came about for Tobler a few years back called Barstool Sports Idol. It’s a platform that creates people into a bigger image of themselves for their personal brand. “It was such an awesome experience! It was a contest where I think they had over 10,000 entries and I was lucky enough to make it to the finals,” says Tobler. “Everybody at Barstool was so nice.”

He didn’t win the contest, Tobler says “Unfortunately I didn’t win, and it is the one regret I have in my career. If I could do it all over again, I would have done things much differently,” shared Tobler.

For more information, visit the Comedy Works website for tickets and more.

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