Creative and Sustainable: The Hause Collective at Denver Fashion Week

The Hause Collective, founded by Chelsea Drew, is a sustainable fashion brand that collaborates with several designers, including Liz Lawrence from Been Thrifty Apparel and Carter Cupp from The Boogeyman’s Closet. The brand’s mission is to create fashionable and eco-friendly clothing, achieved through carefully sourcing fabrics with minimal environmental impacts, such as organic cotton and recycled polyester.

Reserve your seats to see The Hause Collective at Denver Fashion Week here.

Photo Courtesy of @theboogeymanscloset on instagram

In addition to using sustainable materials, The Hause Collective is dedicated to ethical manufacturing practices, taking a thoughtful and intentional approach to every aspect of its business, from sourcing materials to collaborations. “I wish people knew that sustainable fashion isn’t a trend, it’s a mission and purpose,” said Lawrence from Been Thrifty Apparel. “Chelsea and I have a nonprofit called Eco Village where we focus on giving fashion overconsumption and textile waste a purpose by upcycling alongside mentoring, workshops, pop-ups and events.” Sustainable fashion is more than just a trend; it represents a movement towards a more conscious world. The Hause Collective collaborations with Been Thrifty Apparel is at the forefront of this movement, exemplifying the values of sustainability and responsible fashion.

Photo Courtesy of @thehausecollective on instagram

Denver’s role in shaping the future of the fashion industry has been acknowledged by Denver Fashion Week, which has emphasized the importance of sustainable fashion. Carter Cupp, who collaborates with The Hause Collective, draws heavy inspiration from music. “The way that music makes me feel is how I want to make other people feel with my clothing. I imagine lots of shapes, colors and styles when I listen to music and my goal is to turn those sounds into a physical form. That form is my piece. I also love how musicians present themselves on stage. I see that musicians wear outfits that perfectly match the energy of their music, and I love that” said Cupp. Cupp admires how musicians dress and present themselves on stage, as their outfits seamlessly match the energy of their music, which is something they strive to achieve in their work with The Hause Collective.

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Denver Fashion Week showcases the art of fashion and creates an open and welcoming environment for creatives to join the conversation. “Denver Fashion Week is a model of excellence in the Colorado Community, it provides an opportunity to network with like minds, and a reminder that fashion is a language and means of communication for all. Bringing this event to a place not traditionally known for fashion, exemplifies the art, and welcomes creatives to the conversation” said Drew. This approach embodies the spirit of inclusivity and demonstrates the transformative power of fashion to unite people and inspire creativity.

Denver Fashion Week has acknowledged the importance of sustainable fashion, with the city playing a pivotal role in shaping the future of the fashion industry. The Hause Collectives’ commitment to sustainability is setting an example for other brands and contributing to the broader movement towards more socially responsible fashion. The Hause Collective now has five locations: two in Colorado Springs (The Hause Collective & The Hause Thrift & Lounge), two in Charlotte North Carolina (The Hause Collective & Style Hause), and one location in Las Vegas (The Hause Collective). They have several partners including Taylor Drew, Alexander Gray, Keion Bell and Andoh Agyemang. The Hause Collective owes its existence to the support of both its partners and supporters.

Reserve your seats to see The Hause Collective at Denver Fashion Week here.

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