Suits & Sotol Fashion Show Hosted By Not From Here

Photo Courtesy of Alexa Arnowitz

On March 18, Not From Here hosted Suits & Sotol, a fashion show at the Steadbrook Warehouse in Denver. Suits & Sotol showcased the latest fashion trends by some of the most talented designers in the industry including Anabel Jacobs, Killionaire, Scorpions, Dreamwave, Hyacinth, Shavdia, Geo in Style and M.G. Megi Gabunia

For those seeking unique social experiences and physical curiosities beyond the norm, NFH offers handpicked entertainment. NFH’s mission is to provide refined and sophisticated entertainment experiences for those who appreciate cultural and classy pursuits. The Denver area was the source of inspiration for Evan Carp, CEO of NFH, to introduce a new and innovative concept. “When I first came to Denver it had some really great pieces, but no one was doing the puzzle. My company, NFH curates Avante Garde events composed of the most sought-after art/artists, trends, gastronomy and alcohol brands around the country. We revitalize Denver social life by creating a new, chic locale for people to enjoy, all confined within the walls of elegant and eccentric event spaces,” said Carp. 

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An evening filled with elegance and sophistication, Suits & Sotol left a lasting impression. Partnered with Marfa Spirit Co, a Texas-based distillery, Suits & Sotol featured a brand new spirit called Sotol. Carp chose Marfa Spirit Co because they recently just got distribution in the Denver area. Each piece featured on the runway was a reflection of the distinct aesthetic and creativity of the designers. “Jazmine, co-producer of the show, was instrumental in making this event happen and was really the driving force behind organizing all of the models, designers, hair, and makeup,” said Carp. Additionally, those in attendance were able to purchase fashion-inspired fine art created by 357 Magnolia.

Following the runway show, Steadbrook Warehouse underwent a transformation into a vibrant warehouse party featuring popular Denver DJs, such as CJ Music, Londen Summers, and Ayetrey. The night was filled with a captivating atmosphere of music, style, sophistication, and allure.

Suits & Sotol featured the latest fashion trends from some of the most gifted designers in the industry, showcasing their unique aesthetic and boundless creativity. Attendees had the chance to network with fashion industry insiders and appreciate the beautiful designs up close. The atmosphere was electric, with everyone dressing to impress and eagerly anticipating a night of high fashion, glamor, and unforgettable memories.

All Photography by Alexa Arnowitz.

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