Society Colorado (3090 N. Downing St. Denver, CO, 80205) is opening a three-story, 15,000-square-foot multipurpose collective that will envelop three unique concepts within food, entertainment, and wellness. Society will be home to an evolved location of Boulder’s Thrive, including a dine-in restaurant as well as street-facing grab & go café, and an on-site jun and cider brewery. The space will also host Vibe – a music venue, hybrid social lounge and co-working space, rotating art gallery, and pop-up marketplace, as well as Alive – an herbal apothecary, elixir lounge, movement and workshop studio, and body work suite. The Whittier neighborhood concept, bordering the Rino Arts District, is expected to open late March/early April.

“Our goal with Society is to set a precedent of what is possible in a community space in Denver,” said Society Co-Founder Iman Alia. “We are driven to offer more than just a physical space, but to fill it with purpose and inspiration for our community to flourish in.”

Society serves as a collaborative space for three major concepts: Thrive, Vibe and Alive.

Thrive: Led by Corey Jacobs, Thrive at Society will offer plant-based, gluten-free, soy-free, organic food at the restaurant and grab & go cafe. Through upscaling to a finer dining restaurant experience in an oasis-inspired space, this new evolution of Thrive will feature eclectic flavor profiles, nutrient-focused small plates, coursed meals, and more. The street-facing grab & go cafe will have sandwiches, salads, coffee, smoothies, ice cream, pastries and more. Jun, a fermented honey wine, will be brewed on-site by leading alchemist Ish Baker, founder of Ish’s Brew, and will be available for on-site consumption and wholesale purchase.

Vibe: Vibe will house a collaborative social lounge and co-working space in a creative environment. At night, it transforms into a music venue and event space, which will feature a variety of unique and intimate experiences such as live music, dinner theater experiences, rotating art galleries, pop-up markets, and performance art showcases (such as burlesque and belly dancers curated by Pyroglyphics), paired with a high-fidelity sound system and state of the art production.

Alive: Alive is a tranquil wellness space with an array of holistic offerings. The bodywork suite provides a space for massage therapists, body workers, and energy workers to offer their modalities on a rotating cycle. The movement studio will host a variety of classes such as yoga, dance, guided meditations, sound baths, and workshops. The apothecary will offer various hand-crafted herbalism products, alongside a relaxing lounge space to enjoy housemade herbal elixirs from trained herbalists, health beverages and snacks.

Society is currently hiring for 60+ positions. Interested applicants can email their resumés, ideas, and concepts to [email protected].

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