That’s One Step For Man And One Giant Leap For The Healing Kind

Colorado Natives and sisters Megan and Nicole Michelena are Microdosing Institute-certified mental health experts specializing in psychedelic medicine. Founders of, a micro-dose mentorship program that supports healing through psilocybin.

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In recent months, Denver became the first city in the United States to decriminalize psychedelic mushrooms. The drug itself is still not yet legal; however, decriminalization is necessary for legalization.

“To quote Lizzo, “It’s about damn time,” stated Megan Michelena. “Big pharma knows what these fungi are capable of, but they like the current system of treating symptoms because it makes more money. This cures mental health issues that they have long said is a life sentence.”

As the U.S. is taking steps further with psilocybin treatment, Megan says she fully supports the use of psilocybin treatments. “These fungi are here to assist and guide us in our healing and we are still responsible for our healing. For those who are seeking treatment, make sure that they’re not using synthetic psilocybin and that there is clear intention and guidance around the use of this medicine.”

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The next question we all want to ask is, how? How can plant medicine help heal? “Plant medicine helps heal old patterning, beliefs, and cycles with the individual first recognizing them,” says Nicole Michelena. “Neuroplasticity is like a memory bank in the brain. It’s where patterns in childhood are stored and it communicates with your nervous system, telling it how to respond under similar circumstances. When working with this medicine, you can work directly in that memory bank to reprogram and re-pattern the nervous system and emotional reactions. With the assistance of this medicine, people can see their feeling and break the old pattern and cycles.”

What is neuroplasticity, exactly? Neuroplasticity is the ability to rewire neural networks in the brain and function in a way that it hadn’t previously functioned before. In essence, it allows the nervous system to change and or have new neurons learn how to re-fire when healing takes place from past trauma. For further curiosity, check out Zenchronicity’s Episode 34-DMN and Neuroplasticity. It also speaks on magic mushrooms and changing the DMN where the EGO resides.

Biology shows us that our body works intricately together, mind, body and spirit. It’s all synchronized. What does that mean as a whole? “Psychology and psychiatry are two words for what should help us with mental health, but few know where they originated,” says Megan Michelena.

“Psyche was Eros’s wife and the goddess of soul, body,and mind. Modern psychology is named after her, yet it only focuses on the mind; why? If the body is sick, then the mind is sick. The human is lost if the body and mind don’t have a link to the soul. Why do you think step one of A.A. is knowing a power greater than oneself? Without a soul, what is the purpose of life? This is a huge dilemma humans struggle to conceptualize. A microdose mentorship like Zenchronicity can help with this.”

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Some seek balance in their lives. Whether that’s organization, healthier sleep patterns, or even the amount of water we consume daily. However, when it comes to balancing the body in this healing regard, Nicole and Megan want to bring awareness to the masculine and feminine energies we put out consciously and unconsciously.

“We are energy, with the matter being the slowest form of it. When we studied Carl Jung, we discovered this ancient teaching of eastern origin, more commonly thought of as the yin-yang symbol. Yin is feminine and Yang is masculine,” said Megan Michelena. “When the energies are out of balance, it causes codependency, addiction, control, and suffering. We teach balance and how to live as an embodied human, not just half a human or half of an energy field. As we say, “The future is androgynous embodiment.”

Another form of healing that the Michelena sisters encourage and perhaps those looking for an alternative way to healing in a more profound form would be ketamine therapy. Take a listen to their Zenchronicity podcast, Episode 61- Psychadelics for Everyone with Matt Zemon.

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Not only do Megan and Nicole have the title of being lady bosses with their company, Zenchronicity, but both are trauma-informed yoga teachers, experts in psychedelic medicine, precious stone jewelry maker and crystal experts. Megan is also a certified holistic nutritionist and gifted astrologer. They are a team with many hats and talents to provide the needs of those seeking alternative healing medicine for the body.

If you are curious and want to explore more about psychedelic use, astrology reading and or need a one-on-one, Zenchronicity does indeed provide that. Also, be sure to share that you found this information from 303 Magazine when signing up. 

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