Local Listen — J.Carmone’s Year-Long Musical Journey

Photo Courtesy of J.Carmone

J.Carmone has existed for 273 days and counting, according to Jack Carmone, the soul behind the eclectic and eccentric DIY project that’s still in its musical budding stage. With two recently released singles and an impending LP release, Carmone says that the rock duo’s first tour will commence before they celebrate 365 days as a band. Two impressive feats from the duo — the speed at which they’re moving and the DIY aspect of their music — showcase J.Carmone’s dedication to their craft and motivation for the newfound career. Carmone has spent the last 273 days honing that craft with his band partner, C.Gilmour, and preparing for their musical takeoff, which will arrive on April 20 with their debut LP, Butter.

The duo also released two EPs last year, which Carmone described as the “kick-off” to the upcoming LP. Volume 1 and Volume 2, the “creatively titled” first two EPs, were written, recorded, and released from Carmone’s garage in Denver and feature him singing and playing guitar, bass, keys, and drums. Volume 1 was fully inspired by Tame Impala and the concept behind one person creating a full-band, psych-rock experience. “That is something I am currently emulating — the lacking need for a full band,” Carmone said. Having paired up with C.Gilmour following that first EP, he says Volume 2 and the in-the-works Butter LP are more Ween-inspired — a reflection of the two-man rock team blueprint.

Carmone’s musical journey has been years in the making — musch longer than 273 days. He came from a family of “very passionate music listeners” — mom, dad, grandparents, aunts, and uncles — who were all obsessed with music, especially rock ‘n’ roll.

“We spent a lot of time in the car growing up, and we would play ‘guess that tune’ and ‘beat Shazam’ to pass the time,” Carmone said. “In doing so, I gained an obsession with the history of rock, its characters and its stories.” He started playing guitar in the second grade and by middle school had taken up drumming. In high school, he played bass in a band called Binky. Later, in college, he played guitar and sang for a band named “Sleven.”

Photo Courtesy of J.Carmone

A literal lifetime of experience has resulted in a practice-makes-perfect journey; it’s a fruition that will be officially realized on April 20. Butter will be mixed and mastered by Holt Stairs and Dalton Allison, the latter of whom is the lead singer and bassist of Carmone’s favorite band, Post Animal. The LP’s production process has felt “full circle” to Carmone, who remembers seeing Allison perform in 2021. Though the production for Butter is a bit more official, J.Carmone still “holds on tightly to the DIY concept,” said Carmone. “We are inspired by all artists who forgo the need to have a producer telling them what is ‘right or wrong’ in their own creative art outlets.” 

Carmone’s parting words for his fellow burgeoning musicians? Keep doing it yourself. And while this sentiment rings true through his music, Carmone also recognizes those who have helped J.Carmone succeed in doing things themselves. “I’d just like to take this space to thank my fans, friends, family and venues that have believed in me,” he said. It’s those people, places and things that have helped to establish J.Carmone up to this point, and the gratitude abounds as the rock duo prepares for their spring releases, their summer tour and their next 273 days.


Check out Volume 2, below.

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