Local Listen – Benton Crane Shares Untold Lessons and Abstract Ideas

Not your typical new music release, singer-songwriter-storyteller Benton Crane has been putting out new music to the beat of his own, well, guitar. Crane, a Denver-based musician, has been releasing a new single each month since last October, a refreshing alternative to full album release cycles. Not only does this approach to releasing music give listeners more time to digest and fully appreciate each single à la carte, but this slow-and-steady style aligns with Crane’s identity as a mental health advocate.

His music, which falls into the genre of psychedelic-rock but also serves a much-needed purpose as disassociation music, reflects Crane’s struggle with and journey through his own mental health. Blending abstract ideas with the art of storytelling, Crane’s newest releases are meant to share hidden insights and untold experiences with his listeners. At the same time, however, he creates a dichotomy between reality and fantasy in his music that allows listeners to both feel strongly and escape fully. Emphasizing “the importance of tuning in and out,” Crane’s goal for his music is to offer a safe refuge for his listeners.

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The first single, “Outlier (Among the Stars),” came in October — totally trippy, impressively incendiary, and undoubtedly something any listener could get lost in. In November came “Nuclear Night,” with a softer and more alt-rock feeling that began to prove Crane’s musical diversity. “Outlier (Among the Stars)” also showcases Crane’s intellectually informed lyricism — “The oceans can’t rise again/ They’re all dry but at least/ You made your point on the internet/ Yeah you really got them good.” 


December saw the release of “Daylight on the Run,” which began to link the time, space and orbital themes between the first three singles. “Daylight on the Run,” like its predecessors, is another piece of masterful music that the listener not only hears but feels further and deeper before its impending liberation from the soul. Today sees his newest monthly release, “Until the Colors Fade,” which scored in the 99th percentile last year on ReverbNation’s Crowd Review platform. “The colorful song depicts battles against inner demons like addiction, anxiety, and depression,” Crane said about the upcoming single.

Inspired by artists like Arcade Fire, MGMT, The Flaming Lips, and Mac DeMarco, listeners can hear those influences while simultaneously hearing the ways in which Crane’s music is entirely his own, encompassing his individual experiences and unique perspectives to create a strikingly fresh sound. The releases are planned to continue on a monthly basis in order to “allow fans into how Crane sees the world.” As the tides change and the world spins, we’re looking forward to seeing how the music progresses alongside life’s unending transitions.

Listen to Benton Crane on Spotify, below.