Life of Fashion Show Celebrates Music and Fashion

Life of Fashion hosted its second annual fashion show featuring an array of vendors, musicians, DJs and of course, numerous fashion looks. From start to finish, it was evident that this would not be a typical fashion show but also a musical celebration.

Between the three DJs — DJ Certified, DJ Squizzy Taylor and DJ Machadellic — audience members spent the majority of their evening dancing. Hosts Floyd Brown and Milk Chris brought the audience to life by interacting with the DJs and the audience. Brown and Milk would uplift the energy by dancing with the 400-plus guests in attendance, really immersing themselves in the Life of Fashion.

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The show began with a performance from PDK and then throughout the night JayDubb Tha Ruler, Sanaa Raelynn and SwizZy B took the stage, entertaining the crowd. TheyCallHimAp closed the show with a final performance.

Blush Accessories 

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Blush Accessories was the first brand to take the runway. Combining the all black monochromatic outfits with the bold statement jewelry made for a playful yet spicy collection. Though an accessories brand, the clothes proved to be just as saucy as the jewelry — with knee high slits and cropped tops. Earrings were shaped into ribbons and butterflies and necklaces were big and junky — impossible to miss. 

Lavish-Queen Fabrics

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Handcrafted crochet pieces were the star of Lavish-Queen Fabrics’ collection. Each design was a bright color that had unique detailing and intricate designs. Though Lavish-Queen favored two piece sets, every look had its own flair. Whether it be a chain interwoven or two colors stitched together, it was easily one of the most creative collections. The sets were a fan favorite with bucket hats as the collection finale. 

TFULA Attire

TFULA or “The Fuck U Lookin’ At” combined sportswear with streetwear. The unique patterns and patchwork with hand-painted details made this collection so special. The light purple, black, pink and orange brought color to the runway in the best way possible. Primarily consisting of cargo pants, oversized hoodies and t-shirts, every look had a sporty twist with a grungy edge. Needless to say, TFULA created a new genre of edginess sportswear. 

TrappnStackn Apparel

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With matching sweatsuits on the rise, it’s no surprise that TrappnStackn Apparel took this trend and created its own version. Each look came in a pastel color but with a powerful message. A quote from Malcolm X, an activist for Black empowerment, is carefully painted on the pocket while the Black Lives Matter was center stage on each hoodie. Though the idea of a matching sweatsuit may seem simple, TrappnStackn Apparel takes it to a whole new level by incorporating powerful messages — it was a celebration of black excellence.

5 Points Apparel

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5 Points Apparel brought every type of fashion wear to the runway. From sporty one pieces to a black mini dress to a swimsuit, each look showed that 5 Points can create anything. Each combined the sexiness of nightwear with the comfort of loungewear, making for a very versatile collection. The light blues, greens, oranges and blacks lit up the runway and showed why 5 Points Apparel has been around for so long. It certainly left an audience impact. 

Rabbitjax Clothing

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Combining non gender conforming clothing with fun pinks, reds and oranges made for a flawless Rabbitjax Clothing collection. Each look was carefully structured and playful, leaving the crowd wanting more. It was also the attention to detail and exquisite layering that made this collection the most unique. Notably, as the collection shifted from one piece to another, there was a gradual shift in colors — from light pink to bright red symbolizing the beginning of a new upcoming collection, designer Ray Howard said. Playful patterns like plaid, rainbow tie dye and camouflage showed just how daring Rabbitjax Clothing can be. 


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The mother, daughter duo combined streetwear with evening wear for a sexy collection. From tight bodycon dresses to two and one piece sets, TNIK showed that dressing can also be comfortable and classy. To balance out the sexiness of the dresses, hints of athletic wear like leggings and sports tops were also major staples to the TNIK collection. While a common theme of the collection consisted of muted tones, the allure of each design captivated each audience member. 

Debonair Streetwear

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Debonair Streetwear brought a new and unique streetwear twist to Life of Fashion. Each piece was vibrant as the next with hints of blue and yellow and pops of reds — making it feel like a celebration of streetwear. The Debonair logo was repeatedly found on every garment whether it was stitched down the sides of each pant or across each shirt and hoodie, it emphasized whose collection it is. Every look was cohesive as the next, showing how Debonair can be dressed up or dressed down. Naturally, it’s no surprise why Debonar Streetwear concluded the Life of Fashion show. 

As the night came to a close, The Face ENT owners, Eric Harris, Darron Celestine and Eric Hicks honored the Life of Fashion team and staff by collectively walking the runway together. It was the perfect way to end a show that truly was a celebration of local artists, music and fashion.

All photography by Jas Kitterman 

Hair/Makeup: Empire Beauty School: Veronica Bell, Monique Bicknell, Brain Robinson, Dougie Fresh, Jante’ Shields and Ky McHeard

Models: Imari Ross, Lyndsey Harper, Darryl, Leslie Cooper, Bandon Rutherford, Taylor Walker, Indya Sade, Jordan Al-Hamdani, Dani Hernandez, Alex Lopez, Sidnei Brooks, Maliyah Cater, Gabrialla Ortiz, Miranda Sanchez, Kyesha Appleton, Hazel Jordan, Amy Kessler, Giovanni Plaga, Krystelle Jo Domogma, Heather Dunn, Tyshawn Nicholas, Jai Phenom, Tamara Jordan, Sydnee Rachel, Summer Wise, Jordan Scott, Jante’ Shields, Romain “Kornbread Witta-K” Washington-Duke, Malcolm Owens, Katya Niederhut, Jordan Lopez, Brennan (Wayne) Smith, Rylynn Lucero, Jake Silveira, Naturelle Taylor, Yasmeen Shafiei, Sydney Dearing, Tiffany Stewert, Lonell Friend, Tamara Ross, Jazmine Jae Brame and Raven Bailey


Editors note: Updated on 2/24 to fix and add names

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