International Flights Are Not Required For Denver’s Short Film Festival

On Feb. 23, 2023, with limited seating, the first-ever Denver Short Film Festival will showcase filmmakers from around the world. 

A number of filmmakers will make their debut this month, in a variety of genres. These are some of the incredible and unique films that will be broadcasted at DSFF as well as much more.

Filmmaker, Ann Allsopp showcases, That Time of the Month, a story about werewolves, murder and roommates. Dustin Gene Chitty’s, Sedalia, portrays a scenario where tragedy has struck the world. At the same time, a single man and a young boy question their relationship.

Proscenium, by Vann Wampler, a local film artist from the mountains of Steamboat, is a film about two courageous women beginning a relationship. On the Fence by Kipp Adler features personal inspirations and roots from Missouri and Isreal. This story is about an American, an Israeli Army and the Isreal/Egypt border.

The film Double Bondsman, by Chandler Ryd, reveals the life of twin brothers, Brett and Rhett, who have a wild dream of becoming bounty hunters. Hannah Heller’s film, Ursula, is a screenplay about two misfits, Ursula and Stuart who meet at a country show amidst an extreme water crisis. And Gabriel G. Acosta’s, Concertina, is about two sets of brothers talking amongst themselves about their dreams between parallel realities.

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Built in 1930, The Mayan Theatre, operated by Landmark, is a long-time well-known art-house cinema beacon of Denver and is where the DFSS festival will be held on display. In 1986 the Mayan had a $2-million dollar facelift and created a three-screen palace, two cozy theaters and one large auditorium with stadium-like seating.

DSFF will showcase 15-20 new artists in a short film format with a variety of genres including animation, narrative, documentary and experimental stories. Whether you are a local, visiting from out of town, or looking for something new to try, check out the DSFF for some incredible screenplay.

This year’s festival aims to be inclusive to all. In essence, it will blow your socks off, but in this regard, have your neurons dancing from all the masterful epic artists and the stories they want to tell. When submitting work for DSFF, there is a maximum time limit of 20 minutes and a minimum of one minute. They are accepting films worldwide without limitations. Anyone from anywhere who wants to share their voice or story can submit their work.

Those interested in advancing their film work can submit using this link. However, the time for submitting films for this year’s festival has passed and they are no longer accepting films for this showing. If the curiosity is there in wondering if your film could be accepted, take a read here for further information.

Having local and international filmmakers will create an environment of connection, gathering diverse screenings and events under one roof. Each shared film provides an emotional connection allowing the audience to be influenced.

This once-in-a-lifetime event allows the public to see these specific filmmakers’ stories in all their glory, providing awareness of our world’s life happenings. For those who will be attending with children be advised that films can and are rated PG-13 and parental guidance is suggested as there will be the use of language, violence, drug use and sexual situations. 

Tickets are on sale now and can be purchased here.

Curious about other local and international festivals check out this link.

All photos provided by Denver Short Film Festival. 

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