Fierce In The City Takes Denver’s Breath Away

Photo courtesy of Roxanna Carrasco

On Saturday, February 4th, one of a kind talent took the audience’s breath away during Fierce In The City’s 6th annual event. Located at Infinity Park Event Center, musical performers from “The Voice”, and unique fashion brands showcased their talent.

This outstanding event was produced by Salwa Owens. Benefits went to #GoSaveALifefoundation. This foundation is dedicated to helping people in need of an organ transplant find a living donor. 

You can learn more about the foundation here

Fierce In The City 6 had a mix of great food, top of the notch outfits, and amazing talent. The talent included dancers, singers, designers, amazing models, and hair and makeup artists, just to make the night all the more special. 

With a lineup of 14 different talents, including designer Rachel Marie Hurst, Geo In Style, Infatue, and plenty of other amazing talent, the crowd became captured. The night was filled with excitement, high energy and great designs. 

Geo In Style showcased beautiful Georgian futuristic looking pieces that took the crowds breath away. Every piece from their designers gave off a look that seemed incredibly advanced and chic.

Rachel Marie Hurst is known for the beautiful dresses that she makes, and she didn’t let the crowd down during this event. Hurst showcased her beautiful designs featuring tulle, creating a gorgeous gown. 

This event showcased just how much of a variation the Denver fashion scene is involved in. As the fashion scene is continuously progressing and growing, so is Denver.

This event was like nothing ever. With a mix of runway shows, musical performers, and dancers, the stage was always busy and filled with entertainment. Fierce In The City connects amazing talent and makes a magical night for the Denver community.

With outfits for both men and women — as well as some options for children — there was also a variation in models and designs. Having different silhouettes and color palettes kept the audience on their toes. 

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Photo Courtesy of Roxanna Carrasco.

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