10 Bar Bathrooms in Denver Perfect for Your Next Photo Shoot

Whether you’re in the bar bathroom for a split second, washing your hands, checking your hair and makeup or making friends with the strangers in line, there’s nothing more unique than a bar with a decked-out latrine. The artistic creatives of Denver always succeed, even when it comes to styling something as seemingly dull as a lavatory. 

Here’s a list of our favorite unique and hypnotic decorated bar bathrooms in Denver. Don’t see your preferred powder room? Drop a comment below. 

Slasher’s Denver

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Where: 5126 E. Colfax Ave., Denver 

The Lowdown: This horror-themed cocktail bar celebrates the spooky season year-round with its collection of horror-centric decorations. With red glowing lights straight out of the prom scene in Carrie and thriller-themed cocktails, you would think the bathroom would reflect a C-list horror movie. Instead, Slasher’s has decked out their facilities with wall-to-ceiling graffiti, reminiscent of the 1992 film Candyman

Three Saints Revival

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Where: 1801 Wewatta St., Denver 

The Lowdown: Three Saints Revival is a Mediterranean tapas-style restaurant decorated in hues of purple and orange, like something reminiscent of the inside of I Dream of Jeannie’s lamp. This sort of whimsical design stretches into the bathroom, with framed paintings spilling onto multiple walls. Like Salvador Dali’s The Persistence of Memory painting, the framed artwork melts and blends seamlessly, carrying the whimsy experience throughout the entire space. 

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Room for Milly

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Where: 1615 Platte St., Suite 145, Denver 

The Lowdown: Room for Milly is an eloquently designed cocktail bar in Cherry Creek. Not only does the modern cocktail menu offer an air of sophistication, but the decor is a direct reflection of what’s trending in all realms of hospitality. Shades of hunter green, blush pink, velvet textures and sleek marble adorn the space; the powder room takes on a more moody ambiance. Taking time to reflect on just how many cocktails you may have had is easily done in a room with floral wallpaper, gold trimmings and dim lighting. Let’s be honest — we’ve all taken a selfie at the bar, and Room for Milly’s bathroom walls serve as a beautiful backdrop.  

Williams & Graham

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Where: 3160 Tejon St., Denver 

The Lowdown: Who knew one of the most exclusive and unique bar bathrooms stands behind a bookcase in the Highland neighborhood? Williams & Graham is a Denver speakeasy hidden behind literature shelves as if the prohibition is still in place. While the boozy cocktails and uber-dim lighting remain a secret from the now-disbanded Bureau of Prohibition, the restroom is also an intimately-decorated gem. With personal handwritten notes lining the walls, it’s not only fun to read but also a great selfie backdrop. 

Lucy’s Burger Bar


Where: 4018 Tennyson St., Denver

The Lowdown: While this woman-owned burger joint with midwestern flair serves up some juicy cheese-filled burgers, it’s the bathroom wallpaper that puts a visual to the women empowerment motto behind the patties. Plastered with famous and trailblazing women through the decades, you’ll find images of Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Oprah Winfrey, Beyoncé, Julia Louis-Dreyfus and beyond.  

Your Mom’s House


Where: 608 E. 13th Ave., Denver 

The Lowdown: Located in the Capitol neighborhood, Your Mom’s House is a music venue and art gallery all wrapped up in one. The groovy immersive atmosphere wouldn’t be complete if it didn’t pour into the bathroom. With dimmed shades of blue and purple and sparkles covering the wall, there is no better backdrop. It’s like stepping into a tube of finely-milled glitter but in a shiny, psychedelic way. 

Cabrón Carbón Taqueria Y Galería

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Where: 1043 N. Broadway, Denver 

The Lowdown: This taco restaurant and art gallery truly radiates nightlife energy. The ambiance is infectious, with exposed brick walls and bright neon signs posted throughout the store. It’s in the bathroom where guests transport into an old-school Catholic garden with arches of red roses, a Cristo del Sagrado Corazón (Christ of the Sacred Heart) statue, red prayer candles and of course, a floor-length mirror perfect for selfies. 

Ophelia’s Electric Soapbox

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Where: 1215 20th St., Denver 

The Lowdown: What used to be a Victorian brownstone home to a sex shop, brothel and peep show is now Ophelia’s Electric Soapbox. This venue flaunts its “sultry beginnings in a style both cheeky and sex-positive.” That mindset extends beyond the bar/restaurant and into a boudoir-style powder room, with a neon sign pleading patrons not to partake in narcotics and moody lights behind each mirror. 

The Corner Office

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Where: 1401 Curtis St., Denver 

The Lowdown: This restaurant and martini bar located in Downtown Denver lives by the motto, “it’s five o’clock somewhere,” with indulgent dishes and a martini-centric cocktail program. The restroom carries the same work-life sophistication with bright lights, disco balls, “employee of the month” tagged on the mirror and a sticky note wall encouraging guests to leave words of positive affirmations.   

Vibe Coffee and Wine

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Where: 1490 Curtis St., Denver 

The Lowdown: Whether you’re there for the coffee, wine or vibe, this spot serves up delicious, and dare I say, vibey drinks. Look no further if you’re into modern, black and white backdrops for your selfie. The bathroom gives off an effortlessly cool energy that will give you a quick confidence boost before you face your date.

All photography by Roxanna Carrasco.