Redemption Road Creates Delicious Coffee While Making a Global Difference

Redemption Road Coffee, known for its many unique roasts and enticing flavors, goes beyond just selling coffee. After its vision expanded in 2016, Redemption Road Coffee took on the mission of serving the community locally and globally with each delicious sip of coffee. Aaron and Jessica Harsch, founders of Redemption Road Coffee, began their roasting business in 2006 with the intent to support their not-for-profit and fund more “good in the world.” 

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Aaron discovered two passions within the same year — his wife, Jessica, and his love for coffee when he realized its benefits to his ADD. After their love story began, the couple moved to Colorado in 2010 for Aaron’s master’s degree. Here, the Harschs attended a party where they learned how to roast their own coffee. 

“I was hooked. I went home and began to search for all the ways I could roast coffee,” said Harsch. “I could have never known that five years later, I would be launching a company.”

In 2015, Aaron Harsch hit the three-year mark at Redemption Road Ministry. After speaking with some friends and peers, he determined he could sell the coffee he roasts to support the ministry. After many nights of roasting coffee on the stove and mapping out how to turn this dream into a reality, by December 25, 2015, the IRS had declared Redemption Road Coffee a company, and the Harschs began making a difference in the way they hoped.

Redemption Road Coffee, Denver Coffee, 303 Magazine, 303 Food & Booze

In 2016, after attending a leadership conference, the idea of growing Redemption Road’s impact was born. The couple decided that they could go beyond just funding their ministry and use this money to help solve some of the problems in the world they felt most passionate about. 

“Our coffee roastery is set apart from others because of the cause behind the coffee,” they explained. “We have exceptional quality coffee, but it’s paired with causes like funding education, fighting against sex trafficking and building wells in India.”

The team at Redemption Road Coffee has contributed to numerous charities across the board. In 2021, they had the opportunity to visit Greece and assist NGOs in finding ways to employ refugees in the coffee industry. They also had the chance to see their friends in Honduras and all the incredible work the team had already completed firsthand. This coffee roastery only supports companies that care for its workers and community and hopes to continue to grow this mission globally.

Redemption Road Coffee, Denver Coffee, 303 Magazine, 303 Food & Booze

“We hope to keep increasing our impact locally and globally,” said Harsch. “We want to see more children rescued from sex trafficking, obtain clean drinking water and other great causes gain funding in this world.”

Many different flavors and blends are available on its website and can be shipped across the United States. Free shipping is available with the purchase of two one-pound bags. Beyond just coffee beans, the company also offers many more interesting coffee-related products, like coffee candles, body polishes and soaps.

All images courtesy of Redemption Road Coffee via Facebook.